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    My rating system:

    5 stars - I am in LOVE, will buy in quantity and wear with abandon
    4 stars - I like this a lot. Will probably purchase.
    3 stars - Nice, but I'm not moved. I'd wear it if it was a gift, but not otherwise.
    2 stars - Meh. Doesn't work for me.
    1 star - Ew. Get this away from me - it's AWFUL!

    Longevity ratings are simpler: 1 star for every 2 hours the fragrance lasts on my skin.

    My standby? Beautiful by Estee Lauder. I've been wearing it since I was 15 and I love it still.
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    FragranceLast WornWearsRatingLongevity Sillage
    Beautiful (1985)
    Estée Lauder
    24th Nov 20113
    Cashmere Mist (1994)
    Donna Karan
    14th Nov 20111
    No. 5 Eau Première (2007)
    24th Nov 20112
    Pleasures (1995)
    Estée Lauder

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