mchoi76's Fragrance Wardrobe

    Stuff I currently have in my growing collection. Hoping to keep my wardrobe to around 10 frags I really like. We'll see how successful I am at that!

    My ratings are:

    5 stars - Love this one. Need to get backup bottles...
    4 stars - Thinking about getting a FB...
    3 stars - It's ok.
    2 stars - Probably won't revisit this one.
    1 star - Dislike it.
    0 stars - Haven't extensively sampled yet.
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    FragranceLast WornWearsRatingLongevity Sillage
    Habit Rouge (1965)
    John Varvatos (2004)
    John Varvatos
    Jubilation XXV (2007)
    M7 (2002)
    Yves Saint Laurent
    Millésime Impérial (1995)
    Miracle Homme (2001)
    Musc Ravageur (2000)
    Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle
    Terre d'Hermès (2006)

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