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    Acqua di Parma - Iris Nobile (I really liked this one, sweet, tender, but not lame and shy)
    Agent Provocateur - Maitresse (the first hour I was in love. Warm, powdery, a bit edgy, but then... It just faded away, leaving me with the bitter taste of betrayal)
    Alexander McQueen - Kingdom (need to buy, but it's so hard to find)
    Cartier - Must (smells like the jewelry, classy, elegant, maybe too elegant for a poor student)
    Chanel - N:o 5 (I really wanted to feel like Marilyn, but somehow this perfume, which always smells lovely in the bottle, ends up smelling like soap on me)
    Chanel - Coco (smells really nice on me, which was a surprise since Chanel and I have a difficult history)
    Guerlain - Shalimar (yes, it's cult, yes, you have to try it, yes, it's a beautiful masterpiece, but we just don't get along)
    Laura Biagiotti - Roma (mmm, Roma)
    Molinard - Habanita (it sets me in a special mode, takes me away to special places. I really love it)
    Paco Rabanne - Black XS (a big surprise. Borrowed it from a friend before a party, and I actually smelled the basenotes when I woke up the day after. It had a nice touch of pepper, witch gave a "sting" to the sweet notes)
    Rochas - Madame Rochas (my mothers, I have tried it on a couple of times, but Rochas doesn't like my skin. I smell like my grandmother)
    Rochas - Femme (same as with the Madame, but Femme was even harder to wear, unfortunately, since it smells so nice on other)
    YSL - Opium (the Perfume with big P. I'm a bit scared of it, I don't know if I dare to wear it, I don't think I'm good enough to make this fantastic fragrance justice)

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