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    Fond of good, old-fashioned heavy hitters, which shows, I think. My tastes (obviously) run mostly towards wood, spices, powder, resins and incense, but I'm branching out towards chypres, aldehydes, leathers, greens and powdery florals. I try to buy and keep only the ones that really speak to me, but I find it hard to resist a bargain, and I am discovering in myself a slightly alarming tendency to hoard different concentrations and vintages of favourite fragrances.

    Also present, but not accounted for in the directory:
    Byredo M/Mink
    Novaya Zarya Krasnaya Moskva - an early- to mid-20th century bottle, warm, powdery and heady carnation. Lovely!
    Parfums Guelvy Fleur de Tabac - also early 20th century, sweet, powdery oriental with a prominent tobacco note, very beautiful.
    Barngen Shantung EdC - 50's or 60's vintage, citrusy vanillic oriental. Generic, but not bad.
    Parfums Abd Allah - a syrupy vintage mystery from the south of France. Musky amber, sweet, pungent and slightly strange with rubbery topnotes.
    Turkish perfume oil that may have been named Harem, for all I remember - rather like citrus marmalade, the best kind.
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    FragranceLast WornWearsRatingLongevity Sillage
    Angel (1992)
    Thierry Mugler
    Aromatics Elixir (1971)
    28th Mar 201111
    Bal à Versailles (1962)
    Jean Desprez
    16th Mar 20119
    Bandit (1944)
    Robert Piguet
    17th Mar 20118
    Bas de Soie (2010)
    Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido
    2nd Dec 20114
    Borneo 1834 (2005)
    Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido
    11th Mar 20116
    Cabochard (1959)
    24th Mar 20117
    Chypre de Coty (1917)
    Dior Dior (1976)
    Christian Dior
    4th Apr 20119
    Diorling (1963)
    Christian Dior
    Dirt (1996)
    Demeter Fragrance Library
    DK Collection Chaos (1996)
    Donna Karan
    25th Jan 201113
    Eau Noire Cologne (2004)
    Christian Dior
    11th Dec 20103
    Eau Sauvage (1966)
    Christian Dior
    Équipage (1970)
    Féminité du Bois (1992)
    Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido
    3rd Nov 20109
    Fête (1962)
    Fracas (1948)
    Robert Piguet
    15th Dec 20101
    Fumerie Turque (2003)
    Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido
    Habanita (1921)
    31st Mar 201124
    Joy (1930)
    Jean Patou
    1st Jan 20111
    Krasnaya Moskva / Red Moscow (1913)
    Novaya Zarya
    L'Aimant (1927)
    22nd Sep 20106
    Le Temps d'Une Fête (2006)
    24th Mar 201110
    M/Mink (2010)
    Ma Griffe (1946)
    22nd Jul 20102
    Maja (1921)
    Messe de Minuit (1994)
    24th Sep 20101
    Miss Balmain (1967)
    Pierre Balmain
    Miss Dior Originale (previously Miss Dior) (1947)
    Christian Dior
    23rd Mar 20115
    Mitsouko (1919)
    No. 5 (1921)
    13th Dec 20103
    Parfum Sacré (1990)
    23rd Dec 201011
    parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Ouarzazate (2002)
    Comme des Garçons
    25th Mar 201120
    Primitif (1956)
    Max Factor
    Rochas Femme (new) (1989)
    8th Mar 201111
    Demeter Fragrance Library
    21st Jul 20102
    Shaal Nur (1997)
    30th Jul 20102
    Shalimar (1925)
    11th Jan 20112
    Visa (1945)
    Robert Piguet
    Youth Dew (1953)
    Estée Lauder
    30th Jan 20115

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