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    This is my PRE-Basenotes drobe' , Escada PH is my dad's, he doesn't use it, IN2U has broken sprayer, wouldn't buy again, Bul Black, Leau D'Issey Intense and D&G PH blind buys after reading reviews in BN.
    City Glam found around house, I've been using it till it's almost emptied, would prolly buy again if found cheap, So basically, my wardrobe consisted of Two scents, Ferrari Extreme (still one of my favs) and Eternity (meh)

    only a Couple weeks after reading on basenotes (my job requires me to be infront of the PC all the time, every second of downtime (sometimes even when I'm supposed to work,lol) I IZ ON BASENOTES,READING UR REVIEWZ. here's my drobe now.

    about 90% of them are blind buys, I enjoy blind buys, It's like getting presents from your aunts that you've sent a copy of "Game Pro", you may get some games you like or don't like, some may be hits, some misses, but all worth a try :D


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