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    • Tobacco, Oud and Vanilla by Aaron Terence Hughes

      by speedracer

      This delivers on the promise of its name, right from the opening. You get pipe tobacco, slightly dirty oud and a thick, sweet vanilla. That rose note is there for the first couple hours and then fades. The late drydown is mostly a dry, woody vanill...More

    • Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

      by SentSensei

      Having lots of reviews can help to aggragate the overall notes and impressions of a fragrance for those who are interested in or contemplating partaking of a particular scent. With Farenheit there is such a polarized reaction it is astounding. Such d...More

    • Habit Rouge by Guerlain

      by SentSensei

      As my collection rounds out I find I get more joy out of finally discovering vintage classics as much as designer/niche frags. Finding a classic fragrance that immediately uplifts ones scent experience to a new level with the exhileration of knowing ...More

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