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    • Milly-La-ForÍt by Christian Dior

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      Flowers listened as Sun and clouds held their debate While trees cheered and stilled. A surprisingly delightful clear floral with a truly excellent sandalwood base. Jasmine and iris form a quiet floral window, through which orange blossom magni...More

    • Hugo Dark Blue by Hugo Boss

      by Bavard

      I donít mind the sprayer that doesnít quite work right. Itís funny to see it mentioned in the official site notes. I went for the oldest bottle I could find (with a short ingredients list), and the liquid dribbles out. I thought it would be more l...More

    • Musk Deer by Zoologist Perfumes

      by gimmegreen

      Sociable and sweet cardamom-infused woody with popular appeal, but not a beasty musk by a long shot. For that, seek out the vegan musks of a house like Auphorie or Parfum díEmpireís Musc Tonkin or even the humble workhorse, Keihlís Musk. But for what...More

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