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Quel Amour! (2002)
by Annick Goutal


Quel Amour! information

Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseAnnick Goutal
PerfumerCamille Goutal
PerfumerIsabelle Doyen
Parent CompanyAmore Pacific
Parent Company at launchTaittinger > Louvre Groupe

About Quel Amour!

Quel Amour! is a feminine perfume by Annick Goutal. The scent was launched in 2002 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal

Quel Amour! fragrance notes

Reviews of Quel Amour!

Lush, noshy floral. I detect a varied array of white, blue, and purple florals which borders on soapy at times. Fruity bits and bobs float in after a good long dry down. Sadly this is just not for me, but it's a well done bright and vivid floral.
19th December, 2018
What an array of olfactory responses this scent evokes!

Turin smells lilac, but it is not listed. Others smell peony, but it is not listed. One smells mint, but it is not listed.

For a scent primarily described as a fruity floral, and for which there are five fruit notes listed, I get no fruit whatsoever, no sweetness, no candied effect.

My nose detects on my skin a pure rose, initially accompanied by a burst of sharp geranium, which settles down to a distant caraway seed note. From then on it's linear powdery old-fashioned rose!

It's quite lovely as a simple rose soliflore.

Certainly to be sampled before buying, because it seems it is one of the most individualized scents I've come across on Basenotes, being different things to different people.
02nd December, 2015
I'm really glad I decided to buy a sample of this, instead of "blind buying" it. This perfume is really not my style at all! I think I might find it incredibly sexy (or maybe simply just nice) if someone else wore it, but I don't care for it on myself, and I don't think I would ever make it my signature scent!
I also want to say that I really don't agree (at all) with how Turin describes this one in his "A-Z Guide to Perfume." (Actually, I'm finding I disagree with a lot of what he says. I don't think we have the same taste in perfume.) He describes "Quel Amour!" as a "pink fruit cocktail" type of scent, and I have to say, to my nose, it really, really isn't at all. I thought it smelled really sweet and candy-like in the sample tube and on the dropper, but on my skin I really don't get any of the top notes at all! (Which for me is unusual.) I am purely just smelling peony and geranium! Period. I would say this is a floral-floral, NOT a sweet fruity-floral! It actually mostly reminds me of the individual flower-scented perfume oils that The Body Shop used to carry years ago. I used to have their rose perfume oil and it was quite similar to this. In the dry down, "Quel Amour!" also reminds me a lot of "Nirvana" by Elizabeth and James, the white version. Actually, if you want a peony-scented perfume I would probably recommend picking up "Nirvana" (white version) more because it doesn't cost $200!
The other thing I find weird about Turin's review of "Quel Amour!" is that, in other places in his book he kind of says he hates "realistic flower scents" and only really likes abstract floral perfumes. Honestly though, "Quel Amour!" smells exactly like peonies and geraniums that you find growing in a garden! There is nothing remotely "abstract", "modern" or "novel" or "complex" about this fragrance. It's just a very simple feminine flower scent. Really nice for some people, but that kind of thing just isn't me at all!
04th November, 2015
I can't think of anything positive to say about this perfume - from start to finish I just got sweet and sickly notes like a sugar-laden bag of fruit drops. I tried layering it with 'colder' scents but it just made them smell nasty too. I love other Goutal scents - Songes, Passion, Myrhhe Ardente, Encens Flamboyante, Eau D'Hadrien, but not this one.
29th June, 2015
A soft whisper of rose is listed on the packaging blurb but it's much more than that, this is a variation on Ce Soir Ou Jamais, a less jammy version. I own both.
Quel Amour opens with a fizzy sherbet lolly, which I hate. At this point I may as well be wearing any generic fruity floral.
Thank goodness that dissipates quite quickly and the lovely tendrils of scent linger on. There's enough tartness to keep it interesting, a touch of incense as the dry down commences and average projection. The dry down is actually lovely and is rather ageless. I can see it equally on a younger or more mature (ahem, that's me) woman. It lingers on scarves in something of a Hermes style; I think that means a lot, it's sylish, there you have it. Conversely, this fragrance would be lovely, emanating off your skin on a warm summers day; you're wearing jeans and a tee and picking fruit and everything is kissable and edible. Oh, to be in love.
23rd September, 2014
I see red! Wear QUEL AMOUR! and you will too: wild roses, rose geranium, red currants, pomegranates, and cherries. Yes, there's an awful lot of red going on in this rich fruity-floral perfume, and all of it is good! The fruits and florals are well-balanced, each carrying their weight and not being drowned out as is often the case in fragrances of this kind. The other primary virtue of this creation to someone like me, with whom fruit notes are notoriously uncooperative, is that these juicy red fruits really are fresh. They are not plastic or artificially sweetened or rotting or sour or vaguely (or profoundly...) emetic. Not at all.

It goes perhaps without saying that I am not really, in my throbbing red heart of hearts, the fruity-floral type, but QUEL AMOUR! has made a believer out of me (along with Ineke BRIAR ROSE, which is even better...). Yes, it is at least *possible* to create a wearable, enjoyable, fruity-floral perfume for adults. For years, I believed that the sheer possibility might be precluded by some arcane law of perfume logic, but this sort of composition, albeit rare, roundly refutes that hypothesis.

Although QUEL AMOUR! is relatively simple, it's quite nice for what it is and certainly leaps and bounds better than the vast majority of fruity-floral BHT nightmares on the market today, most of which are pointless and some of which I find even painful to wear. The red here is saturated, making this perfume rather assertive. The longevity is also good, like a deep red wine stain on a white linen tablecloth. Even after a full night of sleep, the rose geranium, in particular, lingers on...
14th September, 2011 (last edited: 17th September, 2011)

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