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Moonwind (1971)
by Avon


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Year of Launch1971
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Moonwind is a feminine perfume by Avon. The scent was launched in 1971

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United States
I had this fragrance as a child, in the petite kitty bottle as a gift from my beloved grandmother. I recently wore the scent again from that same bottle, carefully kept by my mother.

It was still half full, and although I recalled the bottle and name with love and nostalgia, all that emotion was for the people involved. Moonwind is something I recognize now as a hell of chypre, which is my least favorite genre.

I'm reading these other reviews and thinking I'm insane. Moonwind for me opened dirty, sweaty. Startlingly so. It found some balance with some lavender AND bitter citrus up top, which got sucked into sexy with a dry rose/floral note underpinned by too much oakmoss and a dose of slightly powdery amber. I know the soapy smell of vetiver, and I wasn't looking for it (at my mother's there is no internet and sketchy cell signal--I was blind)and I didn't notice it.

I just put on a little dab to one wrist and the projection reached my nose with no problem, as though I were wearing a parfum from today. It also lasted for a good six hours, subsiding into a pleasant mossy/amber/powdery skin scent that I could sniff right up until the next hot shower.

I was disappointed. I felt sad to write this review--right up until just two minutes ago. I was washed over with a strange and intense desire to get my hands on my kitty bottle. OUT of my mother's curio cabinet and into MINE.

I need to wear Moonwind again. And, I realize, AGAIN.
11th November, 2018
"Coldish, blueish, windy." Thanks, Notmenoeb, that's a near-perfect description. If I still had some, I'd wear it at Full Moon in cool weather and, yes, perhaps also for a dressy evening out.
25th October, 2012
My encounter with Moonwind was through its fossil (i.e. an old bottle my mother had in the early eighties). The tall dark blue bottle fascinated me. It had a faint smell and I always wanted to try it myself. I finally managed to find two vintage Cologne bottles on ebay and I now have it. The scent does live up to its name - it is coldish, blueish, windy. It is not a sporty fragrance in my view, but an elegant, class one. I would say it is suitable for summer evenings, long walks in the breezy atmosphere right before sunset. If it were available in edp it would be a splendour, unfortunately only the eau de cologne is available. I thought that being an Avon product it were more easily available, but I was wrong. They should relaunch this fragrance and easily eliminate some boring, candy-florals they market nowadays.
14th August, 2011
I agree with distortech. This is a nice unisex fragrance that is sporty and fresh. I have it in the Tropical Parakeet limited edition glass bottle. This was a find on eBay.
16th February, 2010
I love it. An absolute gem of a fragrance. Very unisex for todays standards. NICE!
24th February, 2009

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