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Foxfire (1980)
by Avon


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Year of Launch1980
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Foxfire is a feminine perfume by Avon. The scent was launched in 1980

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Before online shopping, or tele-shopping before that, there was Avon who sold door to door. In the seventies it was very big, with adverts on TV ending with the catchline 'Bing bong! Avon calling...' This was a joke to my teenage peers, but not to those women who bought perfume at bargain prices, and without leaving the house.
Foxfire comes from slightly after this period, 1980, and it shows why Avon was a huge success. It's a green hyacinth-muguet, which is a tiny bit rough in places but overall very presentable. Those who like the green nylon swish of Y (1964) will probably like this too because they smell just about the same.
25th March, 2021 (last edited: 15th April, 2021)
Shycat Show all reviews
United States
I love it when I try some fragrance without much warning and without much hope. So it was with vintage Foxfire that I believe I ordered by accident or bundle or some such fragrant happenstance as I pursued Tasha.

I pondered throwing away a couple of bottles to ease my household panic during a cleaning binge. Eh, it's not in me to toss anything untried--damn, the stopper is hard to get out and I grumped that it would be that much easier to pitch.

It seemed to me to open crisp and mineral, a bit green. It sweetened and softened with a bit of rose and powder. Over animal armpit BO. Wicked strong stuff as well. I think, oh Lord, this is the kind of thing Basenotes people just rave about and isn't sold anymore. I don't know WHAT to think. It isn't "me." But should it be? Once in a while?

Powder seems to go into smokiness and I'm reminded of a signature of a dear member here "How do you know what a French whorehouse smells like?"

Surely it smells like Foxfire.
09th September, 2019
It's odd: Avon marketed this as an intensely sexy scent, a real eau de ho. Whereas what it really is is a lovely warm, perfectly ladylike rose-led floral you could wear to work with a nice linen suit and heels, or to the blockwatch meeting in jeans and a sweater. I miss it.
03rd November, 2011
rickie Show all reviews
United States
I have owned this one and it does smell really good.
16th March, 2007
Foxfire is discontinued now. Believe it or not when I wear this it never fails to draw compliments from attractive men; when they ask what perfume I'm wearing I'm almost embrassed to tell them tho! Still available on Ebay for a song.
23rd November, 2005

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