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Casmir (1991)
by Chopard


Casmir information

Year of Launch1991
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerMichel Almairac
PackagingCaroline Scheufele
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchBenckiser > Lancaster Group

About Casmir

Casmir is a feminine perfume by Chopard. The scent was launched in 1991 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Michel Almairac. The bottle was designed by Caroline Scheufele

Casmir fragrance notes

Reviews of Casmir

An older, fruit concoction. It simply smells of the 1990's. The fruits are blended nicely. Not off-putting at all. It settles into an almost warm, fruit compote. Definitely gourmand, for the time being.

The fruits flow into the flowers in time. And, as the fruits are well mixed, so too, are the flowers.

Creamy base with an amber accord. Sweet, but not too much. Patchouli and "animal" vibe, delicate as these notes are, create a lovely, sensual base. One of the better Chopards.
11th November, 2019
Casmir is a very fruity yet almost exotic take on a what is suppose to be an oriental? At first spray I am greeted with a strong piercing blast of PEACH! Yes PEACH! It is so strong I almost say GOT DAMNIT! WTH IS THIS?! However some other fruits start to creep in, somewhat of a lime note hidden beneath the carnation, a note in which I do note like as it smells repulsive to my nose. I also get a little raspberry as well to give it some sweet yet tart flavoring. By the dry down, the cinnamon & patch makes it's way to the stage with the cinnamon being the star show towards the end.

I find Casmir to be a little off putting to my nose as it reminds me of another old world fragrance that does not work for me, Mitsouko yes I am talking about you!

While this is constructed very well & does not smell synthetic, it does not agree with me which is fine. I honestly only purchased this because of the bottle back in the late 90's! So no love lost. Average Projection & longevity on my skin.
24th January, 2019
Many years ago I used to work in a bookstore that also had a cafe and I was one of the baristas. I purchased Casmir with one of my paychecks and wore it quite often during the late 90's. I would often get asked by customers what items we were baking or what drink I made that had that excellent scent.

Casmir has a very creamy vanillin base that also has a 'can't quite put my finger on it' top notes that in that environment often was mistaken for baked goods. When restocking books I would often have loads of customers come up to me just to smell the perfume and ask me what it was. I was completely flattered until one creepy older man kept walking up to me and smelling me over and over. He returned quite often to sniff me and I told him to just buy a bottle of Casmir and do his sniffing and home. I had to shelve Casmir and switched to Pleasures, which turned out to be the repellent scent for this particular individual.

Casmir is a good cheaper gourmand fragrance and quite a heavy one too. Sadly it evokes too many stalker quality memories for me to wear again.
16th July, 2018
This is tooth-achingly sweet. I can't imagine anyone but Barbie wearing it (although Pink Sugar is probably more apt). Speaking of Pink Sugar, this might just be the same thing, boiled down to a thick syrup.

You can't help but applaud such audacity, but I would never consider wearing it.
26th June, 2016
Simple, pleasant, and creamy - Casmir is the sort of scent that seems made for people who aren't fussy or particular about perfume and just want to smell nice. And Casmir is nice, at the expense of being exciting; a tropical peach-cream white floral with decent projection and decent longevity.
14th February, 2016
I liked it, so I bought it. It's gentle, enough like Cashmere to deserve the name.
06th December, 2015

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