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No. 1 for Women (2001)
by Clive Christian


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Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseClive Christian
PerfumerPatricia Choux

About No. 1 for Women

No. 1 for Women is a feminine perfume by Clive Christian. The scent was launched in 2001 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Patricia Choux

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Reviews of No. 1 for Women

Intriguing that a brand trading in uber-luxury pricing went for a safe start with a powdery floral in the old style. I expect that would have been a sure bet – make something that is reminiscent of many other perfumes from the golden age to which some Chanel and Rochas offerings belong (and many, many budget outfits – Revlon comes particularly to mind) and watch the consumer with the cash to spare, spend it.
No 1 is perfectly decent in that respect – after the initial fruitiness has subsided there is the reassuring powdery haze through which the mixed florals are filtered and they are the heart and soul of this perfume. Thoroughly blended, so no particular bloom dominates – though of course the white flowers will do their darndest to solo in any choral effort – this bouquet appears satin soft but is strikingly persistent. A little spike of piquancy penetrates it’s surface – a touch of fresh chili and the spicy warmth of carnation. No 1 is a shimmery, dancing thing, with light touches of green and nearly-ripe fruit maintaining interest in the opening phases and giving a bit of variety to its otherwise triple-milled refinement. But I find it turns into a bit of a banshee floral in the drydown, too naggingly present – maybe it’s all that money shouting, demanding one listens.

10th June, 2019
I’m capable of spending $800 on a perfume that would leave me breathless, but No.1 for Women is not it.
It has a huge aldehydic opening, floral, powdery and effusive. The pineapple was, like another reviewer said, ‘pineapple puff’, love the phrase. Powdered aldehydes have a certain associative cachet as salon-type fragrances, but that is also their baggage.
After an hour and a half the aldehydes dissipate enough to be able to smell the midnotes, a bright-hearted jasmine/rose, still swirling in soft aldehyde powder. It’s mannered, correct and pretty; a fragrance that’s refined but because of the aldehydes, still in-your-face. There is breadth but not depth in it at this point
I don’t care for aldehydes, they give me sneeziness, so I found this perfume uncomfortable to wear. While the fragrance is nice enough, you’re inhaling just as much aldehyde as fragrance, so you have to be an aldehyde fan. I used to consider aldehyde dishonest, a carrier, a dupe, but I’ve come to realize its considerable presence in a fragrance. No.1 brings that home to me. Because when the aldehydes and powder dissipated the fragrance was considerably less, For some fragrances, aldehydes are its backbone.
The drydown after 4 hours was the nicest part, but slight. What remained was a soft sandalwood, tonka base, with little to no florals, but also with no depth
Really, an old-styled aldehydic powder bomb. At this price, you don’t need to worry about being cornered by it in an elevator, most likely.
12th January, 2019 (last edited: 07th February, 2019)
My wife tried this on yesterday whilst we were out shopping.

All I got was a very powdery, generic type smell.

Pretty much stayed the same all the way through, longevity was poor as well, after around 3 hours it was gone.

I firmly believe this is just a gimmick for people with more money than sense.
17th October, 2014
Pineapple, rose, jasmine, mirabelle , ylang ylang ,rose, carnation , sandalwood. ( I am sure there is a chock load more but these are the ones that stand out to me and in my memory . )

I was almost afraid to try out Clive Christian's 'most expensive perfume' because well who wants to fall in love with the most expensive perfume in the world and fork over $900 + after tax ?
I don't know about you but ,being the perfume fiend, I tend to evaluate everything in terms of bottles of scent. I think of how many other really good scents I could get for that one bottle of Clive Christian No .1 ......I guess I am not their target group !

This is a floral aldehyde scent of the biggest oomph you can imagine. if I complained about the longevity of X ..well there are no problems with No.1.
No .1 is a sweetly tart pineapple puff of the lightest pastry that has been shoved into your face and you have no choice but to breathe it. It is not a realistic pineapple but a huge impression of what perfumey pineapple may be . After this dramatic opening , light- cream ylang ylang creeps into it calming down the fruit explosion ,broadening out the scent and then the Clive Christian rose- jasmine accord appears . The rose-jasmine accord is a very distinct aroma -totally unlike a Chanel rose-jasmine accord which is sweeter and muskier. The CC accord is lighter, airy ,tarty and at first, frankly- weird. A whiff of carnation is stuffed into No. 1 along the way .
All this ends in a soft sandalwood base . The dry down is infinitely more comfortable to the nose and no doubt, everyone around you (!) .

No.1 is a really distinct fragrance. Once you smell it, you will never forget it - whether you like it or not. Perfumed pineapples on LSD , a 'funky' rose-jasmine thread and a soft sandalwood cushion is No.1 . It is an overstuffed aldehyde fruit cushion .

I am relieved to say though I am huge lover of aldehydes , No. 1 is really not me. I find it a stiff perfume - not sensual .
Hence my husband may stop pulling his hair out for the time being and stop hiding his credit card from me.
26th June, 2012 seems #1 is getting some negative press on this site and I must say that how this scent settles on you makes all the difference in the world. It is quite powerful upon application but once you let it dry down it's BEYOND least on ME!!! This is my most prized scent and at $860 per bottle (it'll soon be going up into the THOUSANDS!) I use it only on special occasions. It has an almost "royal" smell to it...all the notes coordinate to make for one spectacular scent.
01st November, 2009
the clive christian range is what i think turin refers to when he writes that nowadays it became possible to spend so much more and get so much less.
30th August, 2008

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