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Café (1978)
by Cofinluxe


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Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJean-Jacques Diener
Parent CompanyCofinluxe
Parent Company at launchCofci

About Café

Café is a feminine perfume by Cofinluxe. The scent was launched in 1978 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Jacques Diener

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United States
This was one of my "Happy" Blind buys. Very reasonable price and a scent I truly enjoy wearing. On my skin this has an oriental bent. My nose is not educated enough (yet - I'm working on it) to pick out all of the many aromas I get from this scent, but I do smell cinnamon when wearing this. I like this one alone but have layered it a few times with success. I've also got many compliments and asked for the name when I wear it. I agree that it is best worn in the fall & winter.
14th February, 2016
I like the spicy winter fragrances and this is a good budget scent which after 20 minutes gets a nice hint of incense . I like it and I like to add a smidgeon of an aged smoky patchouli oil that I have.

The bottle looks great out on my vanity for use for fall and winter, definitely 70s color of a warm rust and clear embossed glass bottle.
03rd January, 2016
Mmm, I just love that spicy incense & patchouli! I recently snagged a cheap perfume lot from eBay for one bottle alone (Coty's Nokomis), and got four additional bottles I'd neither tried or even heard of - Cafe included. I wasn't expecting much, but found myself very pleasantly surprised. A delicious, creamy and mysterious oriental, packed with spice and woods.

Cafe does bear a striking resemblance to Opium, but there are a few differences. First, the price for Cafe is incredible (currently $12.50 on Amazon for 3oz). Of course, it may not last terribly long, but at that price, you won't mind refreshing the scent throughout the day if need be. It's less potent than Opium, which makes it a little more accessible and possibly less offensive, sillage-wise. It's on the creamier and sweeter side, where Opium is more of an ancient, smoky frankincense blend. It's perhaps a little more dated/less timeless than Opium, and very obviously '70s, but this just gives it a cool vintage vibe in my opinion. Perfect for your inner gypsy!
26th April, 2015

A fairly odd fragrance. Couldn't find much information about this before blind buying. The little I could find (other than the company's description used by every online retailer) was a discussion on here, where it was said to smell like "burning solder". That is exactly what it smells like. Not necessarily a bad smell but definitely unique. Bottle is straight out of the seventies but stills looks okay amongst the rest.

Pros: You will never meet someone wearing this
Cons: Don't know when I would wear it"

27th October, 2013
It’s a remarkable fragrance. Not expensive, sweet, warm and it stays for long time on my skin! I wear this perfume for many years, I still like it and many people ask me which perfume I'm wearing that smells so good! I also like Allure and Flowerbomb, but I think Cafe is as good as them or even better!
09th November, 2008
These names of these Café fragrances can be confusing: This is the “Café” that is in the brown, dark brown and metallic gold box with gold coffee beans, and having the oval clear and brown bottle with the word “Café” in metallic gold with two metallic coffee beans. Café is an uncomplicated scent that delivers a quite nice fragrance and progression. The combination of lime, rosemary, and vetiver provides an extremely fresh and perky opening accord with an aromatic bent to it – quite atractive. Either the vetiver is of the sharp, raw variety or the scent has a strong streak of synthetics through it. In either case, I enjoy it. There’s very little sweetness in the accords – that aromatic effect is emphasized almost to the point where it gets to be too much. I get about the same accord that I smelled in CDG’s Guerrilla 1, but this one doesn’t go as far as being gross. There’s not very much movement in Café except that after about an hour it picks up a luscious sweetness that keeps me sniffing. The accords are interesting, a bit challenging, and quite unique. I think Parfums Café’s Café could easily be considered unisex unless you find the drydown too sweet. It has good sillage and longevity. This is one of those inexpensive fragrances that deliver way more than their prices would indicate.
23rd August, 2008

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