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Passion (1987)
by Elizabeth Taylor


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Year of Launch1987
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseElizabeth Taylor
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchUnilever > Chesebrough-Pond's > Prince Matchabelli > Parfums International

About Passion

Passion is a feminine perfume by Elizabeth Taylor. The scent was launched in 1987

Reviews of Passion

Best frag of all time, dark, smoky, intense, everything I look for in perfume. Definitely could call it sexy. Perfect for a special evening out or in ;)
30th March, 2019
This is the second Elizabeth Taylor fragrance I have purchased. The first was Diamonds and Rubies in either an EdT or an EdP formulation. I do not recall exactly. It was a new bottle, and given the notes, I expected it to be a love or at least a strong like, but sadly, I must tell you dear readers that it smelt like hairspray to me and not good hairspray either.

I decided I might find a vintage Elizabeth Taylor fragrance a lot more appealing, though. This time I opted for Passion in the EdT formulation. I purchased two vintage bottles from the first production run. The first bottle was simply unwearable. Whatever was left of the fragrance smelt more like old cardboard than a voluptuous Oriental.
The second, smaller bottle was wearable, but I did not like it as much as I hoped again based on the listed notes. I cannot identify it as an Oriental at all. I am not sure how I would categorise it to be honest.

I cannot pick out any of the wonderful notes listed in the pyramid. It smells like a very generic sort of fragrance. I find it neither spicy nor animalic. It is not particularly floral either. I am disappointed. Ms. Taylor was anything but ordinary. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for her fragrances, and I doubt I will try any more of them. They seem to be very low quality compared to a lot of other chemist shop scents. For example, Revlon Ciara is a very affordable fragrance, yet it is so much better than the Taylor fragrances. Passion's longevity is reasonable, but sillage and projection are very low.

As for the bottles, they are a bit kitschy, but I like them nonetheless. However, Passion's bottle feels so cheaply made that it could crack apart in my hand if I squeezed it too tightly, but I still like it.

I am so sorry to give a thumbs down to this fragrance. I wanted to be able to rate it neutral, but it would be less than honest of me to rate it neutral. Perhaps if I had smelt it whence it was first introduced, I would have liked it more. It has not aged well at all. By the way, the liquid does seem to be coloured purple, so be careful of it around your clothing if you decide to try it.

Fragrance: 2/10

Projection: 2/10

Sillage: 2/10

Longevity: 5/10
28th February, 2019
What a hypocrite I am! How do I have the gall to criticize the sticky sweet lolly fumes and not only give this a pass, but give it a spritz or two on my neck and head out the door feeling like a queen?

I can't explain the strange attraction I have to this scent because all I really get is sweet, (and did I mention SWEET?) jasmine incense. That's it, but apparently that is enough to trigger the pleasure center in my brain.

BTW: I am speaking of the reformulated version. I also wore and loved the much richer vintage. To this day, this is the only ET perfume I cared about. The men's version, while equally wonderful in a completely different way, is also a love, but, alas, only on a man. My skin does it no justice whatsoever.

Edited to add: In watching some of Martin Short's brilliant Jiminy Glick videos, he has referenced this fragrance (more than once) in true, hilariously insulting Jiminy Glick style. While it tickles my funny bone, it doesn't influence my opinion one whit!
03rd September, 2016 (last edited: 05th May, 2017)
One would have thought that Taylor's first scent would have been above the ordinary, a star and celebrity in and of itself, like its creator. No such luck.

This is a "safe" scent - warm and powdery, with the amber, musk and sandalwood supporting the floral melange of gardenia (tuberose actually), rose, muguet, jasmine and ylang. More of a scent your mother or grandmother might wear, even back in the late 80s, when this debuted.

Think Avon or the drugstore Coty scents - hundreds of them, cheaply and mass produced, all nice, for the most part, but none of them outstanding.

Not bad, just not particularly good.
10th June, 2015
A little Passion goes a LONG way!
If I apply a dab or two to wrists it envelops with a complicated, rather sweet mix of floral with spice as well as musky undertones....a teeny bit like an explosion in a perfume factory, mayhaps.

But I like a few dabs before bedtime on a cold night....
20th November, 2012
A loud, nondescript, sweet monster.

Nothing passionate about it.
05th September, 2012

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