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Sentiment (2000)
by Escada


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Year of Launch2000
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(based on 42 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerNathalie Gracia-Cetto
PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent Company at launchEscada Beaute Group

About Sentiment

The bottle is an elongated pink heart.

Sentiment fragrance notes

Reviews of Sentiment

Fruity in a pineapple sort of way with a slap in the face of some generic spices – particularly pepper and nutmeg. I usually don’t like pineapple in fragrances and Sentiment certainly doesn’t change that… The spices don’t work except for providing a little more dullness to the already boring and cloying jackfruit. The poor-grade vetiver overwhelms the sandalwood that is supposed to be there. The whole fragrance ends up cloying, synthetic, and pointless because absolutely nothing seems to work in it.
08th December, 2010
Aiona Show all reviews
United States
Bleuccgh. Strong fruity smell. Is it grapefruit? Melon? Then after maybe 10 minutes, roses and melon? But way too overpowering for me. Sillage was intense, which would not have been bad, if I had actually LIKED the smell. I tried to scrub it off, but it was persistent. And what was left, smells a whole lot like something in Estee Lauder's Beautiful that I absolutely hate. A musty smell, like clothes that have sat in the dryer too long. A fruity floral, this is. This is the kind of fruity floral that made me think I hate fruity florals. Luckily, I have since learned that they are not all like this mess.
18th November, 2008
Some time ago when buying a fragrance for my wife she considered this one as a candidate along other fragrance (believe it was Gucci Envy). Although she finally preferred the other one, I found it as a 4 ml mini bottle and bought it for my wife as a souvenir.

I tested it on paper, the first impression is a explosion of fruity top notes, in a very "happy" way. Some minutes later, the rose notes appears and stay for a long time, in a sensual way, similar to Burberry London (curious note: for a while the rose note felt a lot like a detergent we have at home, but later other middle notes appeared and correct this impression). As base notes I felt a hint of a woody note... didn't felt the iris or vanilla notes.

I believe it can be used both in daytime and evening events. The fruity notes gives a fresh sensation that allows the use in warmer seasons and the main rose note allows the use in colder seasons. The "happy" sensation benefits the use at younger ranges of age (something like 20 years old), and the main rose note gives a more classic image, for ranges in the 30-50 years old.

16th October, 2006
Very sweet and strong. Nothing special really strikes me with this, and some of the notes are harsh, particularly in the top notes. The drydown is unexceptional and the sandalwood not all that great. I couldn't detect the heliotrope at all. A letdown.
11th June, 2006
This one is extrememly sweet and romantic. The to notes consist of strong florals and an almost cotton candy like base. This makes me drowsy when worn in large quantities (i.e. when it's sprayed more then 4 times). I find myself liking the beautiful bottle more then the scent itself.
25th February, 2006

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