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Ghost (2000)
by Ghost


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerMichel Almairac
Parent CompanyShaneel Enterprises Ltd > Designer Parfums
Parent Company at launchWella > Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

About Ghost

The bottle echoes the female form, with pale blue frosted glass, with a silver matt cap.

Ghost fragrance notes

Reviews of Ghost

I adore Ghost. Im so surprised, as i often prefer heavier gourmade or oriental scents, but this fragrance is so enchanting.
To me the delicately encapsulating fragrance of Ghost evokes images of a beautiful naked woman draped in an airy white silk gown, floating through an enchanted forest filled with fluttering fairies, unicorns and rare blooming flowers.
Its an ethereal, light, floaty scent, but with something at its core that makes it more special - mystical almost.
I would describe this as a light fruity-floral scent. I definitely detect some watery, light, fruity notes along with the flowers.. and a sweetness that still somehow manages to feel soft & fresh.
I love to wear this scent after my bath - I feel so pure, floaty, feminine and almost.. magical! It gently envelops me like a swirl of silk & transports me to my enchanted forest every time i wear it.
The only negative i can give is that the lasting power of the EDT is not super good. Certainly not bad, but not as long-lasting as id like - to be expected with an EDT though. If only they'd bring out a Ghost EDP.. then i'd have my *perfect* scent (especially for when i want to feel like the virgin goddess of the mystical forest!). =)
08th September, 2011
Read calchic's review for a perfect description of how this lovely fragrance unfolds. Warm, rosy, powdery, incensy & beautiful. This really grew on me after trying it a few times, & l'm considering buying a bottle of this when l finish my mini. Nothing else smells like it. Highly recommended.
07th February, 2011
I love this fragrance, great for daytime as its not too overpowering, but lasts a long time, worth a try
27th March, 2010
This perfume was such a surprise to me- like many others, I had confused it with the Coty Ghost line. How wrong I was! This is a complex and surprising perfume-a real sleeper. The initial burst of fresh rose and ambrette spiciness is refreshing and pleasant. [I sprayed Lolita Lempicka original EdT simultaneously to see how the two compare in their common, generous use of ambrette-at one point 10 minutes in, the two were nearly identical on the skin. Of course, the LL is much more piercing in its sweetness and its spice, but Ghost really approximates this just as the heart notes are coming in.] I like very much how traditional "Base" notes such as Sandalwood & Incense emerge early on, giving one the impression that the fragrance has closed the curtain...but, an encore! An hour in, a delicious and full vanilla-inspired base appears. Musk plays a minor role, and the apricot and vanilla combine beautifully to create an aroma eerily similar to the top notes of Amour by Kenzo- as a matter of fact, my daughter thought the Ghost drydown was Amour. 8 hours later, those 2 sprays of Ghost are still with me. This is a unique perfume in that it manages to possess superb longevity but to maintain a discreet sillage throughout.
12th September, 2009
Truffles Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Smells just like Irn Bru to me. Weird.
15th May, 2009
Ghost is a gorgeous fragrance if given the chance to develop on your skin. It's one of those fragrances I'd keep trying on at the store and feeling confused about as the opening is so rose-intense. Roses, especially fresh young ones like the ones here, are nice but do not smell ghostly or ethereal or haunting or mysterious, as I fully expected and desired this scent to be. So I'd just shrug it off and move on to something else. Well, fortunately, one day I let it dry down to completion without passing such swift and unfavorable judgement on it, and was met with an entirely different impression. Once past the rosy stage, this indeed is a floating, cloud-like fragrance, a puff of slightly strange powder - more than a little similar to the odd powderiness of Herve Leger's fragrance, but with a twisting curl of smoke thrown in thanks to the incense. The notes used are not all that revealing in telling the story of what this really smells like; I can only recommend trying it and being patient with it. Transparent but not without its own kind of weight, not too sweet or traditionally powdery, genuinely moving and a bit emotional in its unfolding, Ghost does live up to its name after all. By the way: this fragrance is not to be confused with the genuinely scary, and not in a good way, Ghost Myst by Coty - a watery-sour imitation of Estee Lauder Pleasures.
29th September, 2005

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