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Nahéma Extrait (1979)
by Guerlain


Nahéma Extrait information

Year of Launch1979
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJean Paul Guerlain
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Parent Company at launchGuerlain

About Nahéma Extrait

Nahéma Extrait is a feminine perfume by Guerlain. The scent was launched in 1979 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean Paul Guerlain

Reviews of Nahéma Extrait

It rains a warm and refreshing sound from the skin that rejuvenates the soul.the aroma of delicate flowers such as lily and rose and the gentle breeze of the aroma of aldehyde in a lush garden are among them.She exhibits her tenderness and beauty from the very beginning and does not give up until the end.The soothing scent of citrus and the soft,corny corner of the lily fading into the velvety rose,as if filled with kindness, speaks of the strangeness of her dreams,simple but creative and curious.

One of those perfumes that walks beside you and turns your boring day into a refreshing day.this is a thin-hearted girl who is not aware of her charms.on the morning of a dream where the sun-receiver and the caresser who has the breeze of life caresses the thin curtain of the dream with its gentle voice,and in the pond a garden of roses is dancing and sees the person who is staring at her with all his being, embarrassed,she hides her head in the roses.if we want to make a film from the scent,it's a perfect statue of the innocent Marilyn Monroe in Let's Make Love(1960).
26th January, 2021
This one, slipped by my radar for years. I finally got around to sampling it recently. There is a tiny, brief sweet note to start. I'm guessing it was peach. Then I smell some big, bold greenish notes. Tart. Galbanum and old rose are prominent. Nahema smells "older", like it could have been created in the 1920's.

Even more rose, in various flavors rises up. Rose, seems to be the star here... Other flowers appear, all mixed together. I do get an appearance of ylang ylang & jasmine, now and again. These "kitchen sink" perfumes still amaze me: so many ingredients / notes that, usually bump into each other like a crowd at a music concert. Once in awhile someone jumps into the air to be noticed, singled out.

The heart begins to reveal some slight skankiness to me, which I am betting ylang & jasmine are the culprits. The base is a mix of balsamic, woody, and resinous notes. They lay close to, and on the skin. Nothing too dark but, rather calming.
23rd March, 2019
Nahema begins from the start with a nice rose note and some green notes. A few minutes later it becomes sweeter because of the Lili of the Valley and y-lang y-lang which is one of my favourite notes in perfumery. The initial rose changes to a different one which is stronger, more feminine and very qualitative. This rose remained for about 2-4 hours on my skin.
Then suddenly i have sensed vanilla and started looking around me to identify the person wearing it but i was alone. I thought maybe there was somebody from my female co-workers who left a trace in the air and it was smelling terrific. It took me a few more minutes to realise that it was me smelling like that! Gorgeous stage and an incredible turn in the evolution from the rose stage.
It lasted about 5 hours on me, the sillage was pretty weak.

For a woman that would be a fantastic option. For men it can be tricky because of the completely lack of masculinity. In any case a very nice surprise and a thumbs up from me.

29th May, 2017
This for 2001 PdT.
Rich, dry and slightly sour red velvet rose, underpinned by vegetal greens. The rose is somehow multidimensional; I feel very much as though I'm experiencing the fragrance from a number of different angles. The heart is my favourite phase (today, at least). Softer than the dry, green opening, it's fruity-spicy with peach, incense and a very soft powderiness. The sweetness holds fast for the classic Guerlain sandalwood and vanilla base, still draped in a wisp of rose. Longevity, sillage and projection are all strong.
The aldehydes in the opening make Nahema a large fragrance - she certainly makes her presence known. Like many of the classic Guerlains, she may be too big for many modern noses. Personally, I love Nahema, but like Shalimar, I really have to be in the right mood for the huge opening. I'm interested in trying the modern formulation, with its honey notes, for a more wearable route to that lovely Guerlain heart and base.
02nd April, 2017 (last edited: 19th April, 2017)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The EdP's fruity opening with dried plum and brightended up by bergamot - in its simplicity a surprisingly nice effect. The fruity effect is soon transformed be the ascendancy of the rose, which is dominating the drydown. At times other floral vibes appear, mainly jasmine and lily-of-the-valley, and they mingle with the rose very pleasantly. So whilst the rose as such is not particularly remarkable, the mix works well on my skin.

Later on a balsamic note paired with a restrained vanilla develops, with a woodsy undertone that is enhanced by a styrax note that is quite light and misses the waxy component that is often present otherwise, but it contributes to the vanilla displaying a slightly sweet-spicy background vibe. This woody impression still has hints of the rose admixed right until close to the end.

The performance is characterised by moderate sillage, adequate projection and six hours of longevity.

Whilst the ingredients as such are not brilliant, they are well blended and result in an interesting overall impression. 3.25/5.
20th February, 2016
jujy54 Show all reviews
United States
Got a micro-mini on ebay, since I heard it is being phased out. I swear this is a variation on Guet-Apens/Attrape-Coeur, which I know by way of an extravagant 3 ml decant from a dear fragrance friend, the difference being not ingredients but proportion. Although Mitsouko's charms are lost on me, clearly she is the great-aunt to these gamy/rosy/plummy beings which I adore, tho not enough to pay a ransom that is something more than the price I paid for my first car. Agree with roshanara that there is a Turkish delight vibe here.
10th January, 2016

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