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J'ai Osé (1977)
by J'ai Osé (originally by Guy Laroche)


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Year of Launch1977
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJ'ai Osé
Originally byGuy Laroche

About J'ai Osé

J'ai Osé is a feminine perfume by J'ai Osé. The scent was launched in 1977

J'ai Osé fragrance notes

Reviews of J'ai Osé

This is what I imagine the forests of Mirkwood must have smelled like. Deep, smokey oak moss and tangled, green undergrowth with a musky civet cat slinking by. The notes here are blended in such a way that I can barely comprehend what I'm smelling. At first I think 'deep green chypre' and then a moment later, I'm accosted by something that smells leathery and woody and slightly animalic. Something (patchouli? oakmoss?)smells deeply old and slightly dusty. It's almost akin to a more sinister or black magic version of vintage Mitsouko. I find this utterly intriguing and just slightly off-putting. A dark and exotic scent that I'm probably going to have to find more of.

If you like Onda extrait, you'll probably love this one, as well.
28th November, 2018
Meryl Streep ( Francesca Johnson ) in The Bridges of Madison County by Clint Eastwood 1995
18th October, 2018
Slightly smoky-spicy sweet beginning with peach, coriander, and bergamot. Slightly dirty jasmine. Other middle notes are all well-blended together. The vetiver is bright, pops. Sandalwood is prominent. Dark mossy base with earthy tones. Olibanum? Present! Overall, this is very old school. Not overly sweet at all. This also exposes a touch of amber and musk in the base, hours later. Smooth finish.
20th September, 2018
Classic Feminine Woody Chypre. Smokier, drier, dustier than some of those before and many afterwards. In this way I would say that it appeals to the Masculine part of my sensibilities as it moves to an incensey, blond tobacco, Patchouli accord. The Florals are certainly there, however are dried and tea-like.
I would need a touch of Labdanum to have it feel Leathery.
In my Wardrobe, I have thoughts about Aliage, Aromatics Elixir, Vintage Genny and the big Honeyed Paloma Picasso, as a family of Sisters varying and vibrant.
J'ai Ose would be the Matriarch in the room, quietly watching with both amusement and wisdom.

Hah! a tasting today has the blast of Cured Ham Leather of PEAU D'ESPAGNE.
Leather Chypre savon here!
29th April, 2018 (last edited: 17th July, 2018)
This fragrance is a veritable sensual one. Despite it classic structure indeed, the fruity, green and vanillic presence is soothing (soothing the intensity of a classic mossy-leathery-animalic-floral presence), sweetening, brightening and modern. Guy Laroche J'ai Osé vintage is a glorious averagely massive indolic oriental chypre rich of woody, animalic, peachy-mossy, hesperidic, floral and leathery accents. Absolutely opulent and sophisticated but still wearable and musky, a perfume for an "high class" impeccable people struggled by nostalgia, far exotic memories, social image, people considerations and lost occasions. This perfume stands in the same clan with Van Cleef, First, Gianni Versace, Roccobarocco, 1000 Patou and several further rich spicy chypre beasts of that glorious left back age. I detect also points of connection with more modern releases a la Tom Ford Arabian Wood, Cerchi Nell'Acqua Emilie, Bruno Acampora Prima T or Etro Magot. Testing this vintage fragrance on skin I figure on mind refined mature women intent in parlor games, see abat-jour, cozy rooms rich of leather objects, massive frames and furs. The aroma starts with a blast of bergamot, yummy mellow fruits (apricot-peaches ??), fresh aromatic herbs, earthy vetiver, rooty patchouli, musk, probably aldehydes and liquorous accents, revealing finally an opulent exotic floral heart (rose-Jasmine-ylang-ylang-lily of the valley-Violet-marigold??) and a massive (but effectively not overly thick) mossy-ambery-animalic base a la V&A First with leathery-woody and smokey (smoke-dry tobacco) accents. The final classic and mysterious trail "plays" endly a light and vibrant game even surprisingly vearable by a contemporary woman of the new millennium.
16th October, 2014
A rich and opulent leather with oriental touches.

Quite a surprise for a 1977 release. It is restrained, subtle, sophisticated.

Barbara Herman fount it "inky dark, opulent, mysterious. Dry down creamy jasmine, rose, orris."

With its first notes, one expects an oriental, but once the heart notes arrive, we realize this is leather rubbed with oriental formula oils (peach, coriander, patchouli, vetiver, olibanum).

I am putting this right up there with Chanel's Cuir de Russie and Knize Ten as a great leather.

Top notes: Peach, Coriander, Citrus
Heart notes: Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose, Orris, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver
Base notes: Amber, Olibanum, Oakmoss, Musk, Benzoin

This review is for the edp.
08th August, 2014

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