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Joop! Le Bain (1988)
by Joop!


Joop! Le Bain information

Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchBeecham Cosmetics > Lancaster Group

About Joop! Le Bain

Joop! Le Bain is a feminine perfume by Joop!. The scent was launched in 1988

Reviews of Joop! Le Bain

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United States
I've found that this really morphs on my skin based on the weather. In cooler weather I get just a hint of almond, lots of amber with a hint of spice. In warm weather it absolutely blooms into a delicious sweet almond/amaretto scent, a bit of cherry tobacco. I was looking for a great sweet almond scent and took a chance on a blind buy. I really love it.
03rd July, 2019
Absolutely love Le Bain. The first spray is aldehyde intensive, and I am not a fan of aldehydes at all, but give Le Bain a few mins....magic happens. The aldehydes fade quickly and a warm skin cherry pipe tobacco scent emerges and it is dusted with a creamy vanilla and a hint of amber. I really dislike amber, but it is so soft and gentle! Le Bain is perfect for a man or woman, and this smells very "Euro". Living in Germany and now the USA I still really click with "German" scents, even though this is Made in France. I highly recommend Le Bain!!
02nd May, 2018
A smoky, tarry, caramel number – like Bvlgari Black's tea and rubber but with the oomph of amber and tonka sweetening things, and much better lasting.
18th May, 2012
This has been my niece's signature scent for years and years. I don't know if I'd wear it myself, but I think it has a lovely distinctive aroma. I get caramel and smokiness, booze and fresh winter air. Love it. Maybe I'll treat myself.
19th January, 2012
My darling husband found this at a discount counter in a tax free shop in Poland, smelled it and bought it straight away for me since "it smells like something you would love". I confess to never giving it a thought before, but I was really pleasantly surprised.

I haven't got a clue to what the notes are, but straight away I get sugared almonds, and loads of them. There's fresh tobacco in there as well. The almonds, though sugared, are not overly sweet at all, I think there is a bitterness there too.

It keeps evolving throughout the day, and at one point I got the same vibe as I remember getting from Rochas Byzance (although I haven't worn Byzance since the 90's, so don't take my word for it). There's vanilla there, and I get tonka too, and the overall impression is a comforting yet saucy gourmandeish scent that doesn't come close to smelling like any of the other scents I own. I really love it!
18th June, 2011
A sweet friend send me some misterious samples, where she put only numbers on each one, so i should try them without knowing what i was wearing. This one was the first one i picked to wear. Altought it was launched in 1989, it's modern until today.Without knowing the notes or the family, my impression was of a scent that starts subtle citrusy. The citrus light phase only last for five minutes, when the scent moves to a almond-flower like heart to me. I got very impressed that this one doesn't have almond flowers, because it's what i get - a flower bitter aroma of almond, that transform into something sugared, where you have a grassy lily to cut the swetness. After some hours, the scent dives into a cozy tonka-vanilla base, sweet and pleasant like an embrace. Shame that this one was discontinued, it's a great fragrance, with some distant similarties to Champs Elysees
10th February, 2011

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