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Oxygène (2000)
by Lanvin


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Year of Launch2000
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Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Oxygène

Oxygène is a feminine perfume by Lanvin. The scent was launched in 2000

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Reviews of Oxygène

Alberto Morillas writes perfumes like other people write shopping lists; often, and by hand.
This one was a dry aquatic floral, rather front loaded but still not bad.


Mini sprayer crudely stuck to the back of a lenticular card
which, as you move it around, shows three different states of a young woman: before, during, and after she has huffed up the Oxygène.
03rd June, 2020 (last edited: 04th June, 2020)
I love gardenia, as it is my favourite flower, and I read this had it at the centre stage. It does not disappoint, its there a strong note, powdery, white, heavenly, spiritual.
I can also sense all the other notes clearly, the pepper, the musk, the sandalwood, the bergamot. The uniqueness of this perfume is also its milk note, it is creamy, that mixed with the gardenia create a very sublime floral. The musk, sandalwood and pepper ground it and make it serious, they are a serious base to the elevating white floral. I wanted Crystal Noir by Versace for its peppery gardenia, but its rather costly, this is half the price and has the peppery gardenia, without coconut, but added sandalwood which is great. This is creamy, fresh, musky, woody, peppery, it is a perfect addition to my gardenia collection. The most special note is again the milk note which bonds with gardenia and makes the flower even more realistic.
18th November, 2019
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A light, bright and watery opening blast combines an aquatic side with a light white pepper impression, but also introduces a hyssop impression. The top is more bright watery than floral at this stage.

The drydown changes into a field of florals. Iris and a gardenia thatbwith endowed with hints of oleander-like whiffs of a restrainedly sweet character are noticeable at that stage.

The base adds a somewhat nonspecifically woodsy undertone, which sees white musks superimposed upon the whole mix.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

A fresh floral for cooler summer days that has some original twists without being overly awe-inspiring as a whole. 3/5.
13th October, 2019
I blind bought it according to reviews and I'm not disappointed at all. It's creamy, but incredibly clean and fresh. Such an unusual fragrance. The white pepper is gentle, but enough to spice up the milk along with iris. You see it doesn't need to be aquatic to match the name 'Oxygen'. The creaminess makes it very cozy to wear; the freshness wakes the nose up. Isn't it truely a breeze of Oxygen ? If you're looking for a fresh summer scent but not very fond of aquatic, give Oxygene a try. You might be happily supprised.

The longevity on me is 8h+ and the sillage is quite good for such a fresh scent.

Originally written in 2013
10th November, 2017
Too bad this is discontinued. It is one of the more interesting perfumes in my collection. Creamy Indian white pepper, milky white sandalwood, a touch of bergamot, and blurry iris. Those are what my nose smells. I think this one works for any time of the year. I shall savor the amount I have left, in my bottle.
01st November, 2017
I've been doing a lot of blind buying lately. Partly for financial reasons, partly for the thrill of the unknown. I wanted a light, fresh scent for summer time. That's exactly what I got in Oxygene. Thumbs up for this blind buy!
12th December, 2014

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