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Balahé (1983)
by Léonard


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Year of Launch1983
AvailabilityIn Production
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PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent CompanyCampbell & Thiselton

About Balahé

Balahé is a feminine perfume by Léonard. The scent was launched in 1983 and the bottle was designed by Serge Mansau

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Reviews of Balahé

Daniel Moliere, who is also responsible for Eau de Givenchy, Fleur D'Interdit, Givenchy Insense, CSP Eau de Naphe, LaRoche's Clandestine, and Jacomo's Paradox is the mastermind behind Balahe.

It has withstood the test of time as it is a softer presentation than the note pyramid suggests. At the time it was not a iconic powerhouse of the day like Poison or Opium which reveled in an overdose of their identifying notes, but a niche like quality that was so well blended with its complexity, it never became vulgar or too much. Balahe was the quiet man-slayer wrapped up in a feminine powdery, vanillic, opulent floral.

The clary sage, coriander, anaise, civet purr and aldehydes open Balahe, it comes off foreign as a good oriental reminds you of far away places never seen but dreamed of in the night. The plums, pineapple and fruits sweeten Balahe counterbalanced by the mandarin and bergamot citrus.

The magic happens when the heart opens up and the flood of orchids, tuberose and rose are supported by a soft richness of ylang, orris and iris to keep this extravagant, plush and soft upon the fruits receding in the background. Balahe finishes in a powdery vanillic sandalwood, sweet opopponax and animalic warm civet, yet the civet doesnt purrs seductively.Its best with the cooler temperatures but can perform well in the warmer days of spring. A gem of luxury housed in a black mysterious bottle and red silk Japanese cord holds the stopper intact. Masterful composition and blending by Moliere.

Its beautiful. I keep lucking out and getting the huge 6.8oz bottles for next to nothing..Universe is telling me something about this fragrance....
13th February, 2017
Leonard Balahe is a colossal super classic aldehydic flori-oriental chypre enriched by ripe fruits, tumultuous spices, by a massive animalic presence (civet) and a yummy accord of vanilla, mellow fruits and heliotrope. The latter, joined to aldehydes, powdery iris, dusty spices, talky woods, anice and amber/opoponax, provides a quite intoxicating-talky-airy sort of Habanita-like animalic chypre aura. Anyway the juice is more complex since syrupy spices, resins and ripe fruits (plummy-orangy a la Rochas Absolu) add massive substance to the general talkiness while hesperides, multifaceted floral notes (orangy tuberose, rose, jasmine) and musky ylang-ylang in particular afford a really sophisticated and classy "historical" temperament (scents a la Diva Ungaro, Rochas Absolu, Madame Rochas, Lanvin Arpege, Givenchy Amarige, Van Cleef, Valentino Vendetta Donna, Gianni Versace and further jump more than vaguely on mind for several of their characteristics). The Balahe's opening is misleading with its tumult of hesperides, aldehydes, spicy fruits and florals, a real storm which quickly morphs in to an accomplished powdery operette (ambery, honeyed, animalic, woody-floral) with a rich array of subtle nuances (musky, floral, oriental, boise etc). Gorgeous, rich, palatin and aristocratic, the left back essence of a forbidding Parisian woman standing lofty in the middle of a rich of chandeliers, tapestries and massive golden frames pictures cultured ambience. At same time I have to say that this juices unveils as well an uncompromising spicy-animalic unapproachable sensuality which makes it even more interesting, dreamy and attractive. Another piece of historical olfactory artistry which I have the pleasure to try on skin and that makes me to yell against the modesty of a significant part of the current feminine plastic perfumery.
06th January, 2017
The real essence of a woman.a rich floral with warm sensual fruit that is so lovely.sweet and complex with layers that keeps changing emerging and disappearing.powdery enough to give a vintage feel this old fashioned facet makes it erotic so it is old fashioned in a nice way.this scent is like the charming woman in the lace black dress sipping a martini in the corner on the wall waiting for her next victim of love.Complex,Captivating,Alluring, Tempting,Sultry,Strong, Sweet,Floral and Immensely Passionate.

The fragrance opens in aldehyde along with fresh fruity juicy plum notes.the luxurious heart envelope the skin in a refined aura due to the notes of the tuberose,iris,jasmine and orange the dry down while fluid civet and warm vanilla beans charm with their presence,opoponax imparts its intense sensuality realize of her attractive charm.the civet and opoponax are very warm.perfect for anytime you want embracing him in a passionate way.


Longevity?Superb on my skin.

03rd September, 2016 (last edited: 05th September, 2016)
jujy54 Show all reviews
United States
I love a mentholated tuberose. Balahé has that little bit of the medicinal with floral and spice notes, notably cumin and coriander. It is an earthy beauty, a sweaty floral if you will. Another way to describe it is a more complex Habanita, with the heliotrope toned down from Habanita's sock-you-in-the-face opening.

ps—Zut nailed it, and yeah, on me, it's pretty damn magnificent.
20th February, 2014 (last edited: 03rd October, 2017)
With its melange of at least 21 ingredients, Balahe is certainly a complex floral that is quite pleasant. One wants to find something about this most popular of the house of Leonard's few productions, but I can't rise above the feeling it is just "okay," not in any way unusual or outstanding.

As a mixed floral it is perfectly decent, but not worth going out of one's way to locate.
02nd January, 2014
Head notes: Aldehydes, pineapple, coriander, plum, mandarin orange, clary sage, anise, bergamot
Heart notes: Tuberose, iris, orchid, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, orange blossom
Base notes: Sandalwood, opoponax, musk, civet, vanilla, vetiver.

Balahé was introduced in the early 80's when there was a huge selection of great classics as well as brand new daring fragrances to chose from. This was a great era for perfume aficionados. All olfactory categories were rather well represented but since the introduction of Opium in 1977, oriental spicy fragrances were all the rage. Balahé is definitely oriental and spicy but the floral elements are the most important of this exotic composition. The top tangy fruit notes never quite fade away once the dry-down begins. They simply become rounder, less edgy. The floral heart is extravagant to say the least. There is a definite tropical island feel to it. Finally, the warm, dark and sensuous base notes give the fragrance a most amazing longevity. Obviously, Balahé is not for everyone. It is a very sweet, almost candyish, fragrance but it's sweetness is natural, unlike the artificial gourmand fragrances. To me, Balahé is one of the sexiest fragrances there is. It can be loud and cloying on some women but when it is worn by the right person, it is absolutely magnificent.
07th June, 2012 (last edited: 08th June, 2012)

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