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Uninhibited (1989)
by Long Lost Perfume (originally by Cher)


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Year of Launch1989
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People and companies

HouseLong Lost Perfume
Originally byCher
SupplierFelton Worldwide
Parent CompanyIrma Shorell

About Uninhibited

Launched in 1989 by Stern Fragrances (at that point, a division of Avon Cosmetics), it was released again in the late nineties under the Long Lost Perfume brand. (LLP specialize in digging up old, much-loved scents and recreating them.)  The scent was inspired by two fragrances that Cher wore together: Charles of the Ritz and Vanilla by Jean Laporte.

Today, the original Cher/Stern Fragrance version can fetch hundreds of dollars on eBay - will the same thing be happening in fifteen years with Arden's Curious by Britney Spears? Only time will tell...

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Reviews of Uninhibited

Being a lifelong Cher fan of the highest order, I remember the release of Cher’s Uninhibited fragrance in 1989 as a big deal for her and for me. It was a peak time for Cher: a couple of top-charting hits, some awesome movies, preparations for a new concert tour, and oh.... this perfume! Over the course of a year, I picked up a 1.5 oz EDT, a 1/4 oz of parfum, bath powder, bath gel, body lotion, after bath splash, a couple of GWPs including .33 oz bottles of EDT and a 1/8 oz parfum. I was of course biased... it was all about CHER after all! But I loved the scent: the lily, the iris, the creamy vanilla and sandalwood... it was unlike anything I had ever smelled before. I was wild for Uninhibited and truth be told, I reeked of it for a long time! Once it became impossible to find, years later, I picked up another couple of bottles of it on eBay.

I’m so glad I did. Almost 30 years later, my fragrance addiction in full blossom and my love for Cher unwavering, this vintage juice is as gorgeous as ever. That vibrant set of top notes has browned around the edges a tad, but give this old gal a minute, and she will blow you away once her heart warms. Uninhibited is, by far, one of my all-time favorite vanillas, with just the right balance of floral and wood that stays in harmony on my skin for hours. This original Parfums Stern formula (I have never tried the LLP version) has aged amazingly well. I still wear it from time to time in both EDT and parfum form, and I still have a couple of unopened bottles of it that I could easily sell now for a pretty penny.

But not a chance. There is nothing like this scent. You can bury me with whatever unused portion of Uninhibited I may have remaining when my time is up. It will probably still smell better than heaven ever could.
12th April, 2018
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
What a sensational start the initial stage if this scent entails! A sublime mix of peony, ylang-ylang and lily, underlined by a slightly boozy note of gently raisinous dried prunes, all given a restrainedly tart twist by lashings of orris and aldehydic undertones. This is absolutely delicious, and, unlike the usual deterioration after the quick-sale-impulse opening blast this creation keeps the impressive opening mixture up for several hours.

I really only get phases here. The second one defelops a very impressive elegant vanilla that, in tune witha soft, warm musk dominates the last hours very glowingly. And it lasts - apart from moderate sillage ins very good projection, it sports a superb longevity of over ten hours.

A stunner, great in autumn, made of top-quality ingredients and a true tres chèr masterpiece. 4/5

This is a review of the original Cher/Stern version.
03rd December, 2015
I nabbed a partial ( 1/6th Of a bottle?) of the Cher Uninhibited . This is my first impressions review.
Wowzers! This baby has a punch to it! What isn't listed in the notes pyramid is the aldehydes , which this definitely has in spades. ( My Mom said it smelled like baby powder when she sniffed the bottles' nozzle.) So much so that I wondered if this could possibly be the right fragrance . Had it seriously gone off? Usually older scents with aldehydes lose the aldehydes rather than find them as a new note. Reading others' reviews reassured me, chemically= aldehydes !
Patience pays off with this one . It starts out in the same family with Chanel # 5 or # 22 and then adds some rich floral bouquet ( I was thinking Jontue or Le Jardin) then you start feeling the incense prickling the top of your palette and back of your throat. With the incense comes the rich stewed fruits and it gradually blends all the elements together . Overall this reminds me of a cross between Chanel # 5 and Fendi Asja . Beautiful! I would definitely repurchase this edt , and would consider the Edp or parfum if it were findable at a decent price.
15th May, 2015
I found a vintage bottle of Uninhibited in an antiques mall and had to try it. The juice was dark brown and it took a while to get the sprayer to work and when finally it did I was totally blown away! The first whiff was brutal, it smelled like port wine that had gone off, then wait...... the boozy sourness went away and all I could smell was burning raisins and I laughed wondering where the nearest rest room was..... but then there came some tobacco and maybe something floral???...... and then suddenly the whole thing melded into this glorious, warm, deep, rich, incensey, vanillic, dried fruit thing that had me putting my arm up to my nose for the rest of the afternoon. It had quite the sillage, and it was funny because it did remind me of Cher. I will be going back to that antiques mall to purchase that bottle - hope it's still there!
19th April, 2013
I was given a .8 oz bottle from a friend who owns a perfume store.She found it under a shelf when she was rearranging her store.It smells divine!The opening is soft and raspy and the quality ingredients really shine through!The vanilla and fruits mixed with the aldehydic opening are stunning, with creamy sandalwood in the drydown.Longevity and sillage are A+.They don't make fragrances like this anymore.
18th December, 2011 (last edited: 20th February, 2012)
l tried this when it was first launched. l wanted to love it, because the bottle was gorgeous with a jewelled crescent-moon lid, & l was a fan of Cher, being a bit of a rock chick myself. However it was a big disappointment; harsh, chemical, brutal & nasty. The only thing l've smelled that was that bad was the awful Coleen. Discontinued for a very good reason, this was terrible stuff. lf people are paying hundreds of dollars for this, they're obviously bottle collectors; surely they've never smelled it!
21st February, 2011

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