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Indiscret (1935)
by Lucien Lelong


Indiscret information

Year of Launch1935
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseLucien Lelong
PerfumerJean Carles
PackagingMarc Rosen
PackagingLucien Lelong
Parent CompanyE. T. Browne Drug Co
Parent Company at launchLucien Lelong

About Indiscret

Reorchestrated in 1997.

Photograph courtesy of Alexandra Star of Parfums de Paris.

Indiscret fragrance notes

Reviews of Indiscret

Lovely jasmine opening, wonderful geranium note, true to form carnation, absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end. Sweet and creamy and a surprisingly powdery violet at the dry down. Slightly spicy and woody near the end, but barely there.
13th August, 2019
Beautiful blend, for the top notes. The galbanum is glorious! Mandarin and bergamot soften it. The top becomes almost dry. Indiscret so far, reminds me of another time; it's an old-fashioned style of perfume for sure.

In the middle tuberose presents itself first. Not too much - just enough. Soon after, some jasmine and ylang ylang appear, which are neither overly sweet nor overly dirty. They're balanced with hints of both. The top and middle notes flow together into a somewhat linear, big floral.

There are woody notes later. Sweet woody notes, mixed with a rose note. Florals last into the base but they never really change. Overall, not a bad, inexpensive scent.
17th April, 2019
KLRich Show all reviews
United States
After wearing this for awhile I have changed my opinion of it. I still love the scent, it is luscious on my skin. All the notes that everyone says is there I smell. It does change occasionally on me though. The one thing that bugs me though is -again on me- it has very low sillage and it does not last very long. It could be the formulation; I have to different bottle designs and each one is different, one wears longer than the other.
Having said all that it is my all time favorite-so far!
07th June, 2015 (last edited: 11th June, 2015)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening on my skin is a delicious mix of dried orange and galbanum, later brightened up a bit by some bergamot. The drydown is chracterised mainly by a dark velvety rose, with iris, a touch of geranium, ylang-ylang and jasmine in the background. Throughout this a dark, rich, waxy and resinous tone is penetrating this composition, and even when some dark-wood elements appear in the base, this waxiness still remains very evident. For the last couple of hours a pleasant powderiness gives it a traditional twist.

The projection and sillage are very good, and I get a marvelous ten hours of longevity from it. This is a great dark fruity-floral classic. Traditional and modern, classic but bold. 4.5/5.
15th December, 2014
To my nose and on my skin this is a fresh green floral scent with a warm, resinous base. It is quite light and attractive - very much of 1935 when it premiered.

Barbara Herman jots its notes as carnation, bergamot, mandarin on top with a heart of rose and jasmine, lying on an amber, vanilla base. It is described as a spicy animalic oriental, but none of those words capture my experience of light spring green on warm forest floor.

Lauren Bacall's signature scent - quite subtle and quite classy all the way.
25th February, 2014
BayKAT Show all reviews
United States
This is a scent I sampled blind, so I want to write up my impressions before I see the notes or read much more on it. My sample is from the late 60s.

I thought this was a citrus floral with an anemic base. No oakmoss, sandalwood, or amber to weight it down. Maybe a hint of a dry wood, but for the most part it is a soft white, springtime fresh, kelly green fragrance. Bergamot is present immediately, and I suspected a jasmine or lily influence. Since I had nothing else to go by, the rest of my impression was meditative:

This is a something I would reach for if I were anxious about something and needed to step back and view it in a more detached manner. At first I thought this was a happy scent, but then I changed my mind. This is a wise scent, and with wisdom comes serenity. The 'white' aspect I picked up on didn't feel right here, it brought a purity aspect that was out of touch. This is fresh scent that carries the promise of a new beginning, as long as you can accept that your ending was something to embrace and not to run from.

But certainly a spring time scent carrying the hope of rebirth. I would say this is a 'warm weather' scent or a 'cold weather', but a scent for a coastal climate (something in between)
10th April, 2011

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