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Pheromone (1978)
by Marilyn Miglin


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Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseMarilyn Miglin

About Pheromone

Pheromone is a feminine perfume by Marilyn Miglin. The scent was launched in 1978

Reviews of Pheromone

Fantastic fragrance, very well made. Although, I don't wear it much. This is a well dressed mature women's perfume. I've had the same bottle for many years and it still smells as wonderful as when I bought on HSN. It came in a beautiful Egyptian designed wooden box with the body cream and pheromone bath salts with a small sample of pheromone musk. I still have the whole set and sprayed some on today, a little goes a long way. Still smells great.
11th November, 2015
A truly crafted fragrance. It is exquisite, in that regard, no matter personal preference. It is incorrect to say it is too potent, because it is what it is. Rather, it helps to recognize the intense complexity of this fragrance, its strength to the senses and longevity, and wear accordingly. For most, layering with a favorite natural (vs synthetic) fragrance provides a divine depth. To layer with Destiny, my signature fragrance, I mist the smallest amount possible into the air and walk through. That's it. Maturity brings added attraction to this fragrance, while the fragrance always gives added positive attraction/engagement when worn well.
12th July, 2015
I came across Marilyn's presentation on HSN one day and I fell in total admiration with this wonderful lady! It took her 7 years to make this masterpiece of a perfume. And the history that goes with it is just the icing on the cake for me. This makes me just love it all the more. Everyone should have this in their collection as it is absolutely wonderful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
Some of the ingredients are (as there is reported to be 179!):

Top notes - Bergamot Italian, Leafy Greens and Orange Flower
Mid notes - Jasmine Italian, Geranium Bourbon, Iris de Florence and Cassis Absolute
Base notes: Sandalwood East Indies, Oakmoss and Vanilla Absolute
17th June, 2015
I caved in to the hype in the 80s and bought a bottle. I loved the greenness and complexity of it, but there was a grittiness to it that made it hard for me to be satisfied wearing it alone. It is an unmistakable fragrance, and I can recognize it on anyone.

Once I recognized that what I was missing in it was a floral topnote, I tried spraying it on with Perry Ellis 360, and really liked that combo. I wore the two together until I ran out.
09th September, 2012
I really feel that Pheromone doesn't get the credit it deserves. In this age of candy and cookie scents, it's a challenging fragrance for the mature woman. It starts out strongly green and somewhat herbaceous. I don't get a great deal of spice, more floral and animalic. Have not tried the EdT, but have the EdP and pure parfum. The EdP has huge sillage and takes a while to settle but once it does, it's quite simply beautiful and soft with good longevity. The pure parfum is much softer and more dense but strangely no longer lasting than the EdP. I think if this fragrance had the double C's on it, people would be tripping over themselves to fork out $200 +++ for an exclusive. I also think if someone were blindfolded and sniffed it, they would think they were smelling something fabulous, vintage and discontinued. I hope it never changes in any way or is discontinued. Marilyn deserves a lot of credit for continuing to make this great classic when so many others have been kicked to the curb. My preference is for the parfum.
27th February, 2011
Smells like a greener, flowery, version of Windsong. Both have that dusty earthiness to them. The men's version is very similar, only a lot drier and even "dustier" (think green dust.) I like the women's version, especially the bath oil, which I've used in the shower. I used to wear the men's Pheromone quit a bit, but then I was introduced to Lutens and others. Pheromone (men) has lost it's charm for me, but not entirely. It's very nice for when I want something green, arid and powdery. Women should try the male version, too. Either one is nice on a Fall day....when applied lightly. A heavy hand, however, would send you and everyone around you to the ER.
22nd October, 2010

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