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Sacrebleu (1993)
by Nicolaï


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Year of Launch1993
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPatricia de Nicolaï

About Sacrebleu

Sacrebleu is a feminine perfume by Nicolaï. The scent was launched in 1993 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï

Sacrebleu fragrance notes

Reviews of Sacrebleu

Fruity sweet blast of tuberose, jasmine and cinnamon initially, quite strong as in the good old vintage days when perfumers were not afraid of over-dosing with oils compared to the amount of alcohol. This has the strength of say, Patou's Joy, on first application. Since it is a bold statement, a little dab will go a long way.

After only a few minutes the base enters with the vanilla and tonka notes easing one from the voluptuous florals down to the supporting incense, patchouli and sandalwood.

Quite stunning and beautiful, but not for the weak of heart. This is a scent for a strong, mature, independent woman. I can imagine Hilary Clinton wearing this with ease and pulling it off beautifully.

I am amazed it came out as late as 1993. It has the power of the 1960s, a Rochas perhaps. Very feminine, very mature, very impressive.

31st March, 2016
A little gem!

This is my first review. I don't have the vocabulary or a fine enough nose to describe this in true pefumista fashion, but I am simply so excited by this scent! I walked into the Parfum de Nicolai shop on impulse and walked out with Sacrebleu with which I have fallen in love! And yet I was very wary before trying it, as it was described as a white floral and vanilla scent. I thought it might be overwhelmingly sweet, cloying and too young, and I normally really dislike tuberose. But, my goodness, this is so refined! It is not overwhelming at all, those floral notes are perfectly controlled. The result is just a heavenly delicate scent with depth. Outside the shop, as the wind blew, I caught whiffs of Sacrebleu and I knew I had found a perfect little gem!

22nd August, 2013
if all parfumes would smell like this!!! this is heaven on earth, so femminine, so mysetrious, so sweet but not heavy, i get no headache no sickness, no problem as i can get them with other vanila sweet parfumes!

this rarely happens!!
opening is so so beautiful!citrusy and the smell developes after 10 minutes and goes on for hours, i tried the intense version too, its different at the begining more sweet, more vanila tonka , but still not heavy, more gourmand.....they converge later....

Holy god! this is the name of the parfume and the effect it creates with me!
04th October, 2012
SACRE BLEU! I felt a disconcerting sense of deja vu when I first caught a whiff of the sillage...of another time, in another world, of another me. 20 years back to be precise, to the moment when I first stepped into my room in the university dorms, only to be greeted by a softly fuzzy yet strangely comforting scent that was probably associated with the use of certain carpet deodorizers. But when I brought my nose closer to my skin, this image all but vanished, leaving me with vaguely smoky licorice-like notes, rounded with some tonka (or maybe vanilla) and that soft leathery-powdery undertones. If tuberose is indeed listed, it is unlike any I have tried. Intriguing and not in the least 'girly'.

Now I don't expect others to experience what I just did but on a personal level, any scent that succeeds in evoking such vivid memories is not only aptly named, but also the work of an olfactory genius. It reminds me exactly why I pursue this hobby with such fervor, to uncover olfactory keys that unlock windows to the distant past.
07th February, 2011
A raspberry floral girly scent. It's sweet and tasteful, but there is an aspect that will recall something from childhood...a candy, or medicine or something relying on the same red berry note. Lacks ambition.
01st February, 2011
I tried this scent a long time along and intially I really liked it...and after reading one of the posts from another poster I knew exactly what I did and didn't like about it! It has a note of Raspberry (somewhere in there!) but it's predominately an "incense-y" scent. This is definitely an older scent..I was in my late 20's when I tried it so it was way too old for me then and probably still too old for me now, approaching 40. Something you could picture smelling on your Grandmother. I'm not knocking's just different and maybe that's why I like it!!
03rd December, 2010

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