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Rochas Femme (new) (1989)
by Rochas


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Year of Launch1989
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerOlivier Cresp
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchWella

About Rochas Femme (new)

Rochas Femme (new) is a feminine perfume by Rochas. The scent was launched in 1989 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivier Cresp

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Reviews of Rochas Femme (new)

Sophia Loren
23rd March, 2018
I used to own a bottle of the vintage parfum. While it hadn't gone bad, it was aged, and its topnotes were long gone. It was all oakmoss, dense leather and dry-as-a-bone stone fruit out the gate, and my closest reference was certainly Mitsouko, but Femme was more austere, and had virtually no sweetness.

I was prepared that the reformulated version could be so different or inferior that I'd be disappointed, but I like the EDP a lot. While I can tell that it's the same fragrance, it arrives at nearly the same chypre effect through different means - more mellow spice and labdanum instead of oakmoss (I have real oakmoss oil or extract - I forget its form - and it can smell dusty sweet and quite a lot like aged cinnamon bark. So I think my nose is filling in the blanks because oakmoss and cinnamon may share some chemistry.)

While still not a sweet fragrance, the newer EDP is sweeter than the vintage, and a degree or two closer to being an oriental. For something drier but in the same ballpark I'd look to Goutal's Mon Parfum Cheri, par Camille, which I'm pretty sure is based on Femme.

10th May, 2017
Femme Fatale, indeed! Femme is timeless, and quite seductive. I can detect sweetness flittering around the deep, dark notes like oakmoss, clove and leather. Very earthy, natural. The peach and plum aren't the juicy variety; they're powdery, spicy and rolled in cinnamon. That warm cinnamon is my favorite part of Femme. For some reason, this strikes me as animalic - probably the cloves.

It's spicy, sweet, and encapsulates the '90s perfectly. It vaguely reminds me of Poison, for a frame of reference. Mysterious, angsty, dark, sexy, provocative... It's classic as well as classy, it's got that rich, warm, vintage feel, with the deep & rich complexity you'd expect from a chypre formula originating from the '40s. Despite my praise - it's probably not for everyone, though!
12th June, 2016

Have you Ever walked into a Room and had people Turn their heads Your way? Everyone stops what there doing and a dead silence Comes upon the room? Ok, now You can Experience it! With FEMME ROCHAS You can feel You are always the Center of Attention. Provocative, Mysterious,Alluring,Hot,Classic, Seductive,Complex,Rich and Super Feminine.

The Composition is Revolutionary.
It is Attractive for Men indeed.
Peach,Cinnamon,Jasmine and Rose make way for a Deep,Rich and Full of Passion Base with Precious patchouli,Tempting Musk,Snugly Vanilla and Beautiful Leather.This Sumptuous Formula makes a Classic Chypre on your skin and Inspire a HOT LOVE-AFFAIR too.The base notes is best part it for me.

In my opinion It was better to name it FEMME FATALE. It is not for Everyone. Excellent for A Mysterious Seductress. You can not wear this fragrance without Feeling very Feminine and at least a Little Hot. I recommend this scent to a Bold Lady(30/50 years old)for Mythical Nights.Definitely in AUTUMN,WINTER. Ladies this is the scent UNFORGETTABLE.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

16th May, 2015
Balsamic, mossy peach with some aldehydic fatty-ness beneath. This feels like it wants to be a big shoulder pad affair, but it also feels older and therefore more restrained. Some of the opening fruit notes fade right away, and a musty sandalwood floats to the top and lingers there. It’s a fruity chypre on a strict diet. Although it starts out as enticingly complicated, it devolves into something moribund, vague, and gaunt entirely too fast. Not awful by any stretch, but it the lacks the balls of the fiercer femmes.
04th December, 2014
Genre: Chypre
While others have clearly handled it over the years, Edmond Roudnitska’s fingerprints can still be found on Rochas Femme. Even the current reformulation retains traces of that animalic warmth and oddly compelling/repellent overripe fruit accord Roudnitska would later hone in Le Parfum de Thérèse and Diorella.

Today’s Rochas Femme is a spicy, fruity chypre of considerable weight, its top notes intensely lactonic and its base notes rich in labdanum. The fearsome, animalic cumin note so often commented upon in other reviews hardly registers to my nose, and anyone expecting the current version of Femme to pack the kind of cumin and civet wallop found in Roudnitska’s Eau d’Hermes will be heartily relieved (or disappointed, depending upon inclination). I do not know the vintage Femme, but what remains of the scent today is probably less interesting and daring, but also more versatile and wearable. It’s also hilariously mislabeled, for as others have noted, Femme is a perfectly comfortable scent for men. More than anything though, the pleasant, if toothless Rochas Femme leaves me very curious to try the original formula.
25th June, 2014

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