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Flora Danica (1980)
by Royal Copenhagen


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Year of Launch1980
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HouseRoyal Copenhagen
Parent CompanyQuality King Distributors > Perfumania Holdings > Five Star Fragrances
Parent Company at launchSwank

About Flora Danica

Flora Danica is a feminine perfume by Royal Copenhagen. The scent was launched in 1980

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Reviews of Flora Danica

A lightly honeyed floral, very much late 70's-early 80's in style, Flora Danica bursts from the nozzle with a dazzling palette of aldehydes and white-to green floral notes which sing loudly and happily. This first act doesn't seem to last particularly long but from several accounts I've heard concerning this scent I'd bet overapplication makes the opening here oppressive to standers by.
The heart of this fragrance is charming but proportionally tame, and seems like a well-behaved 'little sister' scent to many similar woody florals or light chypres, as though this were the honeysuckle to the elder sister's jasmine in the formula. As with many such scents made between 1950-80 there is a pleasantly light spiciness added by carnation, like a child doing an endearing impression of adulthood (clove), but the real catch is the amber-backed, slightly green rose, much in the manner of Poivre and its sort. The end phase is light and wears very close, smelling mostly of light woods, amber, and the faintest of white petals. In all this is akin to the marriage of Aramis 900 and Anais Anais, and I actually prefer it to both.
My developed bias aside concerning the Royal Copenhagen line, this is an extremely well-proportioned floral scent, housed in a very likeable bottle-within-a-bottle, is heartwarmingly pleasant to the nose in the middle stages, and is vastly more enjoyable and natural than most fragrances I've sampled this year. Having a bottle of this in my home is like caring for a Unicorn - I want everyone to know about it but there is so little left to go around.
05th June, 2014
I love Denmark and Danish people. I even have studied Danish for two years. The Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica porcelain is absolutely beautiful but this fragrance is simply one of the worst I have ever smelled. I don't want to offend anyone who likes it but there is not one positive thing I can say about this fragrance. It is so strong, you can almost taste it. I suppose the ladies who love it must apply very sparingly. It seems like this juice only comes in industrial strength. I have smelled bathroom fresheners that were more subtle than that. Where I live, when a cheap floral perfume is very heavy and unrefined, we say it smells like a funeral parlour. Well, to me, Flora Danica smells like a funeral parlour on steroids. Sorry...
18th June, 2012
I loved Flora Danica when it first came out. It was a lovely floral, fresh and vibrant. It lives now only in my memory, but I may find a vintage sample to sniff - for old times sake!
15th May, 2011
I remember my husband buying me this in the cologne when it first came out. It was on display in the mens department right next to the Royal Copenhagen. I still have it. The fragrance had something in it that made my nose hurt so I never wore it. However it came in the most beautiful bottle I have ever seen before or since. I still display that bottle.
27th September, 2010
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United States
I was so fortunate to have discovered a small lotion sample of this gorgeous floral in my grandmother's dresser after she died in the mid 80s. I don't know if this was a perfume my grandmother wore, or if she just had the sample and never used it. I held on to it for many years as a very young woman, imagining it was very special. There was a picture of the beautiful bottle with flowers on the front of the lotion sample. Eventually I did open it, and I recall that is was so fresh, pretty, flowery, and just a marvel! My nose had never smelled such a lovely fragrance. It made me imagine very pretty and refined ladies and gardens. I do still have the wrapper for sentimental reasons. It only keeps the barest hint of the lovely fragrance. Now I understand that it was a powdery aldehyde style floral, and I've never smelled anything like it since. I wish that I could smell the actual fragrance, or at least have a chance to hold one of the pretty bottles in my hands! It is a real shame that this is no longer available.
15th March, 2009
My first introduction to this beautiful floral was in High School (in the 80's). It was a gift from a boyfriend. I drained the bottle dry & lost touch until a few months ago when I came across a bottle at an antique show. I was afraid I'd be disappointed but, as soon as I removed the stopper, I remembered why I had loved it so much. It's a gorgeous floral! The first hit is fresh & "soapy" then comes the rich floral notes. The drydown is powder & light musk. If you can get your hands on a bottle, any concentration, do it! You won't be throwing money away!!!
12th December, 2007

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