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Laguna (1991)
by Salvador Dali


Laguna information

Year of Launch1991
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseSalvador Dali
PerfumerMark Buxton
Parent CompanyCofinluxe

About Laguna

Laguna is a feminine perfume by Salvador Dali. The scent was launched in 1991 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mark Buxton

Reviews of Laguna

This is just plain fun! A sheer, fruity scent. Very tropical with the pineapple and coconut notes. Of course, there is more fruit in this punchbowl. Well mixed, as if thrown in a blender. The top notes last awhile. Iris, jasmine, muguet, and rosewood in the middle are a breezy, floral mix. The top and middle settle down with the base resembling something akin to a suntan lotion accord. I'm picky with fruity style scents. This one, I would purchase again. Cheap, too!
07th June, 2018
The scent very much matches the bottle. Mild, transparent, and expressionless. Laguna is a hodge-podge of genres that smells like none, some, or all, depending on the day. Itís a fruity, salty, semi-oriental fragrance on a big dose of lithium/thorazine/whatever mood-stabilizing drug. Itís certainly polite, inoffensive, and frankly pretty original tooÖ itís just ultra-subdued. Truly a challenge to identify individual notes (though Iím no expert).

The Dali house made some real bangers during the 80ís & early 90ís that exude originality and project their scent like the dickens. Iíd argue that this is included in that category, itís just heavily sedated. When you consider price, this is a thumbs-up all day.

On a side note, the gold sprayer as viewed through the semi-transparent blue/green glass, to me looks like a nose with boogers in it. Laguna is so medicated it canít even blow its own nose.
08th April, 2016
Very odd but charming scent. I'm not really sure what to say about it. Have you ever combined standard flavor bubble gum with mint and cinnamon gum as a kid and just hoped it would be some revelation? Laguna is the spirit of that alternate reality where that scenario comes out favorable (as never happens in our world). Despite being quite weak it manages to cram an almost impossible number of stimuli into such a small space, as though every dab or spray is a microcosm of other scents going on. It's sweet, bitter, tropical, spiced, saline, and who knows what else. You won't think too much of Laguna unless you draw very close, and then - you're in for something.
19th February, 2016
Turin calls it "transparent fruit" and gives it four stars.

It is so extremely light on my skin and to my nose that repeated applications give off only the very faintest hint of a scent, that I would describe as a very light fruit medley. Certainly its extreme opposite is a scent like Angel, which is loud and complex and lasts all day.

Laguna is for me a "non-scent, one which I am unable to detect in sufficient quality to be able to actually describe. What there is of it is nice, though. Just not distinctive or full-bodied enough to be enthusiastic over.
18th November, 2015
I am overjoyed reviews that talk about the multi-faceted nature of this perfume, or even that express confusion. It's absolutely unique in the world and my perennial favourite by miles. Other more expert than I am may ID the constituents and map the way the fragrance develops. All I know is that Laguna encapsulates- or rather sets free- for me all that is magical about summer. It is simultaneously bright, fresh, joyfully beachy, and reflective, introspective and dreamlike. A bit like Sagittarius is supposed to be [though of course that is all piffle, poppycock and balderdash], ingenuous, open and deep-thinking. Long live Laguna. My heartfelt thanks to the designers of the perfume and the packaging. You have given me a lot of happiness.
27th February, 2014
The first few wears of this one were puzzling. The words that came to mind were: fuzzy, shapeless, nondescript, sweetish. More puddle than lagoon.
But, slowly, it developed a voice in my perception and that voice calls to me from time to time.
This perfume is so thoroughly blended that wearing it can be a bit destabilizing: where are the markers? what are the comfort notes? Difficult to say.
The citrus at the top only became evident after numerous wears. There is fruit here both Ďtropicalí and of the plummy variety, but thatís contrasted by a powdery dryness. There are woods and sweet spice, but juxtaposed against an ozonic, aquatic lightness with a rim of salt. Over time I have come to appreciate its shifts and the multiple-personality creature that resides within its sweet milky fog, though it does seem a bit of a stranger each time I encounter it anew.
It wears light as a feather, but is persistent and powerful. Itís cheap as muck but will give more expensive scents a run for their money.
29th August, 2012

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