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Shocking (1937)
by Elsa Schiaparelli


Shocking information

Year of Launch1937
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 71 votes)

People and companies

HouseElsa Schiaparelli
PerfumerJean Carles
PackagingLéonore Fini
Parent CompanyTod's

About Shocking

Shocking is a feminine perfume by Elsa Schiaparelli. The scent was launched in 1937 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean Carles. The bottle was designed by Léonore Fini

Reviews of Shocking

Stardate 20180523:

A classical floral aldehyde with animalics and rot.
There is a splash of oriental in it too. Something akin to EAOS.
A nice composition.

23rd May, 2018
Vintage sample. Fantastic! I get a heavy beginning with tarragon and aldehydes. Dark, dampish jasmine, narcissus, and honeyed rose, in the middle. I smell in the base civetta, patchouli, clove, and a hint of amber. Very old school. Very seducing. Good longevity. I'd heard of this decades ago; never before had the chance to try it. I am glad I finally got the opportunity.

Others have obviously copied, the bottle's interesting, feminine design.
17th April, 2018

50's or 60's sample I am told.
Full blast of Adelehydic Acetone start, like experiencing No.5 first time in the 70's. For me the Civet is folded into the Bouquet Floral, Aromatics and presents in the background a gentle nod to the Leather of Peau d'Espagne. In front is a wonderful musky Laundry soap buoyed by the Oakmoss and Bergamot.
I get a pulses of Honey Animalic, on occasion, that tinges to pissy, however draws sensuously, to the Feminine. Funny, that not many people note, the Ambergris Sea (Salty Oysterlike)breeze that brings the Perfume to some buoyancy sans the scratchiness of Synthetic. There is just enough Patchouli to make this Genderless.
Really though, this is the kind of perfume, that on Feminine skin, melds with the natural Muskiness and has me feeling as a Stallion. My wife will be testing this! Yummy!
16th November, 2017 (last edited: 07th February, 2018)
This review is for the 1997 version.

This is rich, honeyed florals, like "a voluptuous, heavy silk gown" as one reviewer put it. In the initial phase, the sweetness is tempered by fruit & herbs with bergamot & tarragon, but these soon step aside to give centre stage to a narcissus that positively drips with honey. This might be cloying for some, especially in an enclosed space, & those who find honey in perfume to smell like pee would probably find it repellent. But I love it! Two hours in, there are glimmers of a more crisp, chypre base, but the sweetness remains present throughout. I guess there isn't any civet in this version, as I get nothing animalic here. The projection is strong for the first three hours, & it hums along softly for a good seven hours before fading.
I didn't expect to like this, but it's just the kind of big, sweet floral that I adore; a very pleasant surprise!
02nd December, 2016
Like a kiss on the cheek.definately a head turner for of those timeless perfumes that have such a fascinating character.a special perfume for special woman with the right skin chemistry. everything speaks of confidence,of sophistication of intrigue and intense emotion.honey and jasmine with a burst of animalistic musky teenages girls this scent is their grandmothers vanity.Heady,Musky,Sexy,Sophisticated, Masterpiece,Powerful,Deep,Confident,Decadent, Classic,Nostalgia in a bottle.

Drama begins a resplendent bouquet of aldehyde with tarragon and honey to bewitching effect can be overwhelming.the exquisite floral heart tapestry yields then to the timeless sophistication of jasmine,ylang ylang and animalic accord with sheer sensuality of musk civet,amber and sandalwood makes you feel very sexy,strong ad alluring.i imagine a fearless woman of charm and true beauty of character wearing this timeless masterpiece.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

02nd August, 2016
"Da Bomb" of civit fragrances

I've wanted to test for years; with such a notorious reputation, who could resist? I dabbed it on several hours ago, knowing that I had no plans to leave the house so would not have to worry about smelling like raw sex while walking through the grocery store or similar.

I don't know the age of my sample, but if the amount of musk and civit in the base is any indicator, it's vintage.

The opening was surprisingly light and soft; a bit green, a little tart. Within a few minutes, the floral notes (jasmine was most prominant to my nose) began to appear. They were lovely! Not too sweet, very smooth. I didn't notice honey but maybe the honey accord is what makes these florals so soft.

The basenotes began to unfold very quickly on my skin. Civit and musk front and center within an hour of application. Those two notes plus sandalwood are the main players here. The floral notes are still present but are upstaged by this very deep base.

I love it! This is old-school sexiness that still feels contemporary in its earthiness.

Best as a special-occasion fragrance. Very strong sillage and I don't doubt that I'll still catch whiffs of this twelve hours from now, it's that potent.

Pros: Sultry, animalic, dark
Cons: Too intense for some noses"

21st September, 2013

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