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Angel (1992)
by Thierry Mugler


Angel information

Year of Launch1992
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
PerfumerOlivier Cresp
PerfumerYves de Chiris
PackagingThierry Mugler
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Angel

No flowers in this scent! Just a whole load of food: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel...
Its uniqueness is what makes it so popular, but also the reason others can't stand it.

Angel fragrance notes

Reviews of Angel

Have not worn this for at least a decade or more and it has been bastardised to death, but the original Eau de Parfum is and will always be a masterpiece. Has there been another gourmand that even comes close to the daddy?
I recall a scandal back in the early 90's when an early 20th century perfume house roughly copied the formula and bottled it in one of their 1920/30s perfumes pretending it was the original fragrance, thinking they would get away with it as up to that point in France no perfume house had ever sued another on the basis of copying. The Grande Damme behind Angel decided to break that tradition and took them to court, I believe the matter was settled out of legal chambers finally but lets say the older house ended up with quite a lot of oeuf on their face, there are lots of other dirt on how the battle was won but the point I'm making is that Angel is one of those rare animals that could not be compared to anything when it launched in 92, totally unique, perhaps the last time that was achieved in commercial perfumery. Last thing, like Aventus now, and all the other Boom Boom perfumes less is definitely more, death by Angel is not sexy its like being smothered to death by an aging cougar who really should stay at home and leave the club to her granddaughters!
08th October, 2020
I am late on the bandwagon in sampling Angel. So I wanted to keep an open mind and give it a chance. And well.... I just can’t get my head around it. I find it strange, off putting, cheap and generic smelling. An odd mix of sweet and spicy notes. Doesn’t smell foody to me, nothing appetizing about this combination of foody notes. I am late in trying this scent, and perhaps if it hadn’t already been ruined by all of the imitations of it I might have felt differently. I smelled imitations of it before I realized I smelled imitations of it. So I’m afraid that for me Angel ends up smelling like a cheap imitation of itself. I found it unpleasant and nauseating. Had to wash it off. By the way, I do like Alien and Eau de Star by Mugler. But Angel is not for me. I would definitely not recommend Angel as a blind buy or gift due to its polarizing qualities.
29th April, 2020
This is the world's first notable gourmand perfume, and the one upon which perfumer Olivier Cresp's reputation (alongside Yves de Chiris) is based. Angel by Thierry Mugler (1992) was downright bizzare when released, a love-it-or-hate-it scent that proved as polarizing as it would be successful, much like most of the fashion designs from Thierry Mugler himself. Angel is claimed to contain no intentional floral notes in the heart, and has had many limited edition bottlings over the years, in addition to innumerable flankers. The equally-notorious A*Men/Angel Men (1996) composed by Jacques Huclier wouldn't stray very far from this formula when released either, which is a testament to the universal appeal Angel seems to have for those who click with its vibe. There have been so many flankers of both this and its male counterpart, you almost can't mention Thierry Mugler and perfume without bringing up Angel; this stuff is literally that genre-defining in the designer segment. Most of all, Angel also helped ease people back into the idea of musk as a main carrier note rather than oakmoss or amber, since dirty musks were so played out by the end of the 80's that most perfumers skipped them if they weren't soapy in tone until Angel made a warm musky skin feel cool once again, likely due to the warmth coming from food notes rather than animalic ones. Another huge polarizing facet of Angel is its inclusion of helonial, a common scent molecule in laundry soap that also saw use in the men's iteration as well. There was just so much going on here that ran counter to what designers were doing at the beginning of the decade, Mugler is lucky this got off the ground at all. Most of the controversy I gather comes from how cloying this accord can be to people who are sensitive to its primary components, and this was especially true when its initial popularity made it a fairly ubiquitous sight on streets, subway cars, and in other public spaces.

Angel opens with the prerequisite bergamot and a slew of fruity, dewy elements including strawberry, calone (from melon), honey, jasmine hedione, and whiffs of rose, likely implied by a hit of geraniol but with no actual rose oil. Helonial also makes its rare appearance, and as a note aforementioned to be typically reserved for perfumes found in laundry soap, it contrasts the otherwise-sticky gourmand heart considerably/ The helonial is an aldehyde derivative of heliotrope, and has a sharp glistening chrome sheen that would start seeing use in masculines down the road, but here it's leading into the controversial cocoa and caramel heart. The men's version bites with coffee bean, lavender, and peppermint, but here we just get a rounded hay-like coumarin to accentuate the sweetness, before the stiff patchouli and musk base take over for the final dry down approach. I get some creamy polysantal "sandalwood" without the dryness and diffusion of the real deal, but that's okay because it isn't the focus here with Angel, and just padding instead. When it's all said and done, you've got the ur-gourmand accord of chocolate, tonka, fruit, vanilla, and patchouli, which is only a few clicks away from being an oriental in tone. Sillage can wallop you so be careful, but otherwise Angel is a gentle perfume in personality if used with discretion. Here is a creamy romantic warmth good for snuggling up in winter, or cool evenings anytime. The musk note is not funky at all, but still has a bit of that "animal fat" tone in it which may not sit well with people used to clean-smelling white musk, so approach gingerly. I'd not use Angel in a formal or office setting, as it's just too amiable for a stern or reserved atmosphere. The energy given off by this stuff is just too friendly and warm for anything where you may need to be aloof towards strangers like in the workplace or a formal event. In the summer time, this would definitely choke me out if I was around it too long, so take that as you may when choosing an appropriate time to wear it.

For most of the 90's, Angel was the Giorgio Beverly Hills (1981) of its time, becoming an unavoidable wall of scent in shopping malls and restaurants, hence some of the backlash. I know I'm pretty sensitive to too much patchouli and anything rich with tonka or vanilla myself, so I'd prefer the men's version which tones these elements down to a drier demeanor, but I am not bothered by this otherwise. Angel is a rare perfume I can respect and appreciate on another but never have an interest to smell myself, and this is coming from someone who often wears feminine-market fragrances, as it feels better to be caught in a chance encounter with Angel then to be enveloped in a cloud of the stuff than to dwell within one for any length of time; in an ephemeral state this is a very nice surprise, but prolonged exposure proves a bit more tiresome. Mostly unisex in feel but leaning slightly feminine, Angel by Thierry isn't a knockout anymore because other houses have since done this accord to death, but it's a nice "comfort food" scent (pun intended) for fans of low-key semi-versarile semi-dirty musks with something going on besides the usual white florals. Compared to the "transparent" fruity florals, syrupy fruitchoulis, and ambroxan shenanigans of the 21st century, Angel is starting to finally show the laugh lines of age to those who care about relevance in perfume trend, but is by no means anachronistic or uncommon on the street. Reformulation hysteria also follows this one, but from what I can recall, the basic sweet foodie patchouli and semi-dank musk accord from when my older sister wore it back in the day still holds true in recent testers I have sniffed in stores. Hell, there are still people who actively seek out and collect all the various limited packages of the stuff, and although the cult of Angel is nowhere near as obsessive as say, followers of Creed Aventus (2010), a lot of talk over which Angel is "best Angel" does happen! Thumbs Up.
04th August, 2019
Angel - Thierry Mugler
This just goes to show that a bitter yet 'clean' camphorous tonality can save a perfume, and not only that but also create something novel and excitingly new. For me, Angel paints a darkish brown picture with a contrasting mix of purple and green colours and this works best when sprayed in moderation: less is more with this one. Sillage and projection are absolutely stellar, there is something very 'natural' the way this perfume presents itself: not too loud but very intense in an amiable way. It kind of reminds me of old vintage perfumes containing real deer-musk. I have tried not to like Angel but I had to surrender to its magic eventually.
04th July, 2019 (last edited: 07th July, 2019)
Been wearing this for 20+ years. I'll forget about and then come back to it. Classic
26th November, 2018
I so, so wanted to give this a Thumbs up since I have worn Angel since 1994. Countless bottles purchased and used. I have been known for this scent for decades. Total signature scent. 1-2 sprays and I would be set all day. Compliments at work, the grocery store, the car wash, social events. For the past few years, Angel is no longer strong, it does not last, project and I cannot remember the last time I got a compliment. The IFRA reformulation literally killed the magic of Angel.
30th April, 2018

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