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Paris Premières Roses 2003 (2003)
by Yves Saint Laurent


Paris Premières Roses 2003 information

Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityDiscontinued / Limited Edition
Average Rating
(based on 10 votes)

People and companies

HouseYves Saint Laurent
PerfumerLaurent Bruyère
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > YSL Beaute
Parent Company at launchPinault-Printemps-Redoute > Gucci Group > YSL Beaute

About Paris Premières Roses 2003

Paris Premières Roses 2003 is a feminine perfume by Yves Saint Laurent. The scent was launched in 2003 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Laurent Bruyère

Paris Premières Roses 2003 fragrance notes

Reviews of Paris Premières Roses 2003

It isn't as strong as Paris, but that's the point. Instead of smelling like 1000 roses, you will smell like 50, with some other flowers in the bouquet. I love this scent, but I don't love Paris, it's very one dimensional to me. Premieres Roses has a bit more to it and the rose isn't as potent and in-your-face. Love it!
01st December, 2008
Smells like blends of fresh roses and half dried rose petal which I do not like. All Paris springtime fragrances smells identical after 10 minutes and needs to re-apply every 30 minutes. I own Paris Bois de Roses which is my favorite because it is more spring time to me with fresh roses only. (Yes, after 10 minutes it smells the same to the rest of them, sadly to say)
14th November, 2008 (last edited: 23rd November, 2008)
WendyD Show all reviews
United States
This EDT goes on exactly like a faded version of regular Paris that's 4 or 5 hours old. This in itself might be manageable, but after you apply premieres roses, it only lasts about 2 hours! Truly, it has only about 25% the shelf life of regular Paris, and costs the same. If it were 75% less, I'd happily buy it and keep reapplying, My curiosity compelled me to try it, even though it's long discontinued and I had to really hunt to find it. Verdict: It should be discontinued, since it's not original or lasting enough to merit staying on.

Overall: If you like Paris, you'll like this, since the smell is identical to regular Paris, no difference. However, the "fade" factor is a huge disappointment.
04th November, 2008
A watered down version of the original classic. Bring up "Alba roses" all you will -- I find this one bland alongside the great original itself.
31st October, 2006
My flash review:
Very delicate "light pink rose" scent, as opposed to the more intense pink/red rose of the original.
Very fresh as well, with the lily of the valley being a bit more pronounced but never taking the center stage of the rose buds. This is an ahhh! scent.
07th October, 2006
This fragrance is about the first rose buds in spring, delicate and a little tentative, perfumed but not heady. Sometimes "young rose" scents can err on the side of being too green and so a little musty, but not this one; the infusion of a good deal of violet with its powdery qualities keeps this scent just airy and floaty enough to carry you right into printemps at the Tuileries. The base is pretty much inconsequential, not noticeable against the profusion of flowers and not really missed. Interesting, I find this fragrance to be plenty strong enough for an EDT; it applies with quite a bit of scent and certainly doesn't fade away quickly. But the sillage is minimal; it honestly stays as close to the skin as any scent I've ever tried. I have gone through almost all of the huge four-ounce bottle and have enjoyed this fragrance more and more, to the point where I may strongly consider repurchasing it - if I can find any more of it - when I run out of my current supply.
01st October, 2005

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