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Ambre Canelle (1949)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1949
GenderShared / Unisex
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Ambre Canelle

Ambre Canelle is a shared / unisex perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 1949

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Reviews of Ambre Canelle

A warm, spicy amber fragrance that does a good job conjuring up pleasant feelings. (Eva Peron was apparently a big fan of this scent.)

Amber takes center stage in this Creed fragrance, and they made sure to use a really high-quality source for it (i.e., resin derived from a fir tree in the Patagonia region of cool is that?!). Cinnamon also is a key ingredient here (thus the French "canelle" label), having a dusty bright quality that goes well with the fine amber. Rose plays a part to add a lovely, warm floral touch in what is overall a very sweet experience.

I have to draw a comparison to Estee Lauder's Cinnabar here, but only on a very basic subjective level: Both are powdery, sweet and spicy, though Creed's Ambre Canelle is clearly the prestige, niche-level scent.

19th September, 2018
This has a horrific medicinal opening, but it only lasts one minute. Drying down brings an exquisite barbershop fragrance, mixed with soap. This is actually a surprisingly original take on the men's scents of the 40s-50s. With Creed's history of manipulating their history to meet their needs, this supposedly was created in the late 40s yet Creed didn't start selling frags until the 70s. Well done, Creed!
26th July, 2017
I imagine Evita Peron drinking mate, in a room with scent traces of asado just eaten, and notes of amber and cinnamon all around the room! Wonderful!
And Banderas waiting for a tango and for some meat too!

“Evita! I love your scent of cinnamon steak!”

But honestly who cares what perfume she was using?
Below, an article with photos that tells of another fragrance dedicated to her, this time with a hint of rose!

The truth is that this perfume had been requested by one of the seven dwarves in Snow White, but she (the Snow young girl) was allergic to cinnamon.
So the Creed family kept it hidden for several centuries, until the smell has moved from a fairy tale to a legend!

If you smell this one, it seems a Tyrolean broth for dwarf miners.

This reviewer may have conflicts of interest

27th May, 2015
A very heavy, rose and ambergris dominated scent that is slightly medicinal with a strong menthol note. Hard to believe a celebrity like Eva Peron wore this - it's more repellent than attractive- perhaps she wore it when she was around people she didn't like.

With the heat of Argentina, this must have been positively mind and nose-numbing.

Luca Turin did not like it, giving it only two stars and calling it a "light oriental." Light???
He noted it was "strikingly devoid of either amber or cinnamon" and described it smelling "like a household product."

Barbara Herman described it as a "good girl perfume mixed in with perspiration and lust" and noting its "skanky quality." She ultimately found it "heavenly."

I find it "hellish."

Top notes: Cinnamon leaves, Juniper Berry
Middle notes: Rose, Cinnamon, Bay Leaves, Coriander
Base notes: Ambergris, Musk
29th December, 2014
Genre: Oriental

Whoah! Quite the opening here: amber, very smooth, rounded cinnamon, and lots of soap. It's an entry that grabs me right away and then leaves me impatient to see where it will go next.

The soapy sensation might recall Cypres-Musc, but here the soap is balanced by a highly suggestive accord of indolic jasmine, rose, and amber. The whole thing smells like a self-contradiction, but in the most fascinating way. The constant tension between clean and "dirty," civilized and feral, builds tremendous suspense as to just which way the balance will eventually fall.

For a time the rose takes control and molds Ambre Canelle into a very bold, yet slightly austere floral scent. Yet the yeasty, "doughy" quality in some rose essences is brought forward by the amber, eventually erasing the last traces of soap. At this point, three or more hours into its development, Ambre Canelle falls onto a luxurious amber and indole soaked cushion, upon which it stretches languidly for the remainder of its stay.

A Creed that does not smell like any other, and which stands beside Angelique Encens, Royal English Leather, and Orange Spice as an exemplar in this old line.
09th June, 2014

This fragrance opens with a barbershop feel to it! I can't specifically point out what notes I get, however, it is of that Creed traditional scent potion!! When you smell this, is is distinctively male, and has none of the familiar Creed elements that you would get in IM, GIT, NS, or any of the others. This fragrance is like that bottle of fine wine that only gets opened once every so often (of course, that is not a bad thing). This fragrance is of such quality that you wear this to experience that wow factor as one strolls through the park or the streets.

Gentlemen, enjoy smelling like a king; enjoy the feeling that comes along with it!!!!

Cons: N/A"

20th October, 2013

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