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1881 pour Homme (1990)
by Cerruti


1881 pour Homme information

Year of Launch1990
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerMartin Gras
PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchUnilever > Elizabeth Arden > Parfums International

About 1881 pour Homme

1881 was the year Nino Cerruti's grandfather opened his textile business in Biella, Italy.

The 1881 fragrance is distinctive, natural, fresh and captures the essence of Mediterranean life.

1881 pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of 1881 pour Homme

Like a spanish garden portrayed by Santiago Russinol in that magical blue courtyard.confident, generous,smart,classy,rich, mossy, reminds me of fresh cut trees,plants and dew in the air.a great fragrance for a well dressed gentleman that predates so many of the tired modern men's fragrance cliches

A citrusy blast of bergamot with juniper and cernation give it a spicy freshness,followed closely by a playful balance of galbanum and sandalwood.this melange is tied neatly with an oakmoss bow. simply a well-blended and layered classic scent.if you have a certain degree of interest in men's perfumery,this is a must try.
26th April, 2021
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United Kingdom
I really enjoy this, from the great lemon/cypress blast in the first spray right down to the sandalwood drydown. A perfect spring/summer scent - wore it the other day while out for a run and got loads of beautiful waves of it, a really pleasurable experience. Amazing value too.
19th March, 2021
I get three distinct phases out of this fragrance. In the opening I get a blast of lavender, juniper and cypress with other green notes making the scent smell herbaceous. It's a bit rough for the first forty minutes and then settles down nicely and reminds me of Lauder For Men.

After a good amount of time the florals make a entrance and take the back seat. This softens the scent and it smells quite lovely whilst remaining very masculine. And yes at this point I do get the resemblance to Boucheron Pour Homme. But that one starts to lean more to the unisex side of things as the florals jump into the front seat and start to take over. So I like 1881 more as it keeps itself smelling masculine.

Finally the drydown in a very nice musky sandalwood.

The projection for the first two to three hours is good and then it reigns itself in to within a half a arms length. The longevity on my skin is excellent with all day and into next day longevity.

All in all a very nice masculine fragrance that has character and can be had for the price of a large pizza.

Happy Days!
11th February, 2021
I saw the note list and got very excited by the lavendery herbal top, the black current floral middle, and sandalwoody base. But it’s basically the opposite - cypress, clove, juniper and fir. It’s not quite a spicy floor cleaner but not too far off. Such a disappointment!
05th October, 2019
I like this a lot. Very nice to apply right out of the shower, early on a spring morning. On me it has a fresh barbershop vibe, but a smart barbershop off the lobby of a top hotel in Rome or Milan. It mingles beautifully with the smell of a double espresso - you're instantly back in Italy.
29th April, 2019
I do not like 1881. I've wanted to try it for quite a while since reading the reviews and liking the notes. Finally got a 7ml sample of the vintage juice. Created in the 90's but reminds me of the 70's; the way my church's annex smelt when I was kid, kind of cleaner-/detergent-like. Some have said it smells "dated." It does, and it does not transcend time like so many others (Paco Rabanne Pour Homme). If James Bond allegedly wore Trumper's Eucris, then I'd say Mr. Bean wore Nino Cerruti's 1881. With so many better men's fragrances out there in classic-land, I say save your money and your nose; skip this one.
05th March, 2019

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