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An elegant rich scent reminiscent of Aramis and Michale Kors. Deep spices intermingle with resinous wood notes for a sophisticated aroma. [AN]

Reviews of Abercrombie & Fitch Woods

Woods is a clean, bar soap, 80s style scent, not that far from Drakaar Noir. In fact, if this was a modern flanker from Guy Laroche, I wouldn’t be surprised. The quality is very good and despite feeling like a mature scent, this can be pulled of by a younger guy. Maybe not for casual days, but not super formal either. Might be really good for work or church.

Projection is good during the first 1-2 hours and then longevity hangs in the skin for about 8 hours.
24th June, 2019
Where are the woods????????

A strong lavender opening that smells more like one of the thousands lavender based aftershaves in the market that eventually settles in a white musk drydown with an hint of vetiver.
From the name I was expecting sandalwood, cedar and maybe fir or even pine, but I get this wimpy vetiver as the "woods" I was looking for.
It is not a bad fragrance, on the contrary, it is well constructed but it was a disappointment for me looking for a more "woody" scent.
15th January, 2014
New formulation - Eau de Cologne

Longevity: ~5 hours - great for after work, after a shower.
Projection: 6-10 inches.
Sillage: Average to below average.
Usable temps: 30-60 degrees F.
Age range: 22+, an older gentleman could pull this off easily.

What this scent lacks in power, it makes up for with quality of smell.
I would call this a safe scent, very masculine, women love it when they're close enough to smell it. It easily could be mistaken for aftershave.

It starts with a "punch you in the nose" dose of lavender, a very fresh type of lavender that gets you ready after a fresh shave.

Dries down after 1 hour to a smoother musk with the lavender and the vetiver joining in lightly.

Perfect for an afternoon scent, office scent, I would do it as a date scent.
Leather jacket, jeans, stubble would fit perfectly with this.
Its excellence comes from its simplicity, a rough textured smooth sailing scent, almost linear.

Very often my SOTD when nothing else jumps out at me.
Not worn much by others anymore, this was a bigger hit in the late 90s early 2000s.
I've been wearing it for a few years, and I have yet to come across someone else wearing it.

Product tip: The male model mid-section sticker is easily removable. Dont let that stop you from buying it. The clear glass bottle is thick and well designed. Sprayer, average quality.
15th December, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
From a pre-2005 bottle (original formulation):
A mildly boozy green opening note soon blends is with vetiver and a delightful pine impression; the latter giving this scent its name. Vetiver adds a citrus-like freshness that remains present in the background. A hint of light whilt musk is added in the base. Decent silage and projection, with over five hours of longevity; the last couple of hours close to my skin. A great classic, traditional spring for spring and warmer autumn days. 4.5/5
03rd November, 2013
Pretty decent, not for young males

I've been looking forward to trying Woods for a long time, especially after Abercrombie decided to discontinue it for a second time. I received it in the mail today, and eagerly tried it on.

Woods isn't bad- it starts off with lavender and salty sea air notes, moves on to floral/tobacco with a pinch of pepper, the tobacco and pepper become more dominant as the floral notes fade, and finishes with pepper.

The tobacco is light, and the pepper combination makes it smell a bit burnt. The pepper itself is nice and natural, much more pleasant than those in scents like The Beat.

All these scents interact to create something very soapy- one moderately expensive hotel soap (lavender) and the other shaving soap (tobacco/pepper).

Not bad stuff at all. I can see why it was discontinued (twice), as it doesn't fit in with the Abercrombie demo graph, but I certainly think it'd receive more recognition under a different brand.

***This is the 2011 version that I reviewed

Pros: Nice soap scent, mature
Cons: Not overly strong, most people won't like it"

05th September, 2013
One of the finest colognes, period.

I first owned Woods when I was in college. What a superb smell. Couldn't get enough. Then AandF discontinued it, and only within the past 2 years has this wonderous scent re-emmerged on the mass market. I am soooooooo stoked about that!!!!!

The original and the new batch are basically the same. Can't tell a difference. This, in my opinion, is the quintessential cologne for a man. It is truly perfect. One can wear this year round, for any event, regardless of age. Yes, the store that makes it caters to the young teen/early 20's crowd, but this cologne is for any gentleman.

This fine scent treats you to warm woods, refreshing and elegant. Other quality ingredients (nice musk and sandalwood) round out this cologne to keep its lasting power and overall manly demeanor for hours. On me this lasts 8+ hours, and doesn't stay close to the skin after drydown. Lots of compliments (if that matters to you), and from first spray to 8 hours later, I find it keeps its form and doesn't change too much. This is not a complicated cologne, with lots of varying smells and altering stages. It's just a classy, medium-sillage wood-based cologne that truly should be tried by every guy. It isn't brash, and it's not like an 80's powerhouse. With that said, it's also not like an aqua/light scent or something super musky. Just a clean, smooth nectar that exudes an appreciation for how one smells.

Don't worry about the douchie image of these mall stores. The cologne itself is leaps above! My only neutral comment is the price. No, it's not as expensive as Chanel, but I think it could be slightly cheaper considering who is making it. Oh well, it's worth the money! So, give her a whirl, you won't be disappointed. Cheers.

Pros: Warm, smooth, attractive
Cons: A bit pricey for a mall cologne"

20th July, 2013

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