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Acier Aluminium (1973)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1973
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Acier Aluminium

Inspired by the armor of interlocking metal (known as "chain mail") worn by knights in the Middle Ages, Acier Aluminium makes a daring statement of unmistakably masculine strength and power.

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Reviews of Acier Aluminium

Bright, crisp citrus on top. A perfect bergamot note - I'm not usually a fan. Jasmine, is not overdone; it seems just right. I get a hint of something like ginger. A hint of something peppery.

I suppose this scent smells "old-fashioned" to some. I like it, as it leans more unisex in my mind. One of the better Creed scents. Jasmine begins to completely disappear, or maybe melt into the crowd of looming base notes. It doesn't take too long before I experience the base notes either. They seem to take turns revealing themselves. There is a bit of sweetness and a touch of sour earth. Smoothness, here. Overall, a pleasant experience and I shall enjoy my remaining milliliters in my vial. I'm glad I got to try this one...
26th June, 2019
("Amen" to Zealot Crusader's review of Acier Aluminum, which covers so much of what I would have mentioned in terms of historical context and comparison to other contemporary colognes of its time.)

Creed's Acier Aluminum, now discontinued, is a macho, powdery fruity musky fragrance with a strong old-school men's chypre vibe that many may spurn now.

It's heavy and unashamed, with an odd banana-like presence that seems a composite of the vanilla and spices contained within.

An understated, controversial scent from decades past that only recently was discontinued, Acier Aluminum - if you are fortunate enough to come across a bottle - is worth experiencing, given its atypical composition in the Creed line of scents.
18th September, 2018
I can see why Creed vaulted Acier Aluminium (1973), as it is very much late 60's/early 70's virile flowery powdery musky man's man fougère on the same level as Royal Copenhagen (1970) Avon Wild Country (1967) or Monsieur Houbigant/Monsiuer Musk (1973). Scents like Acier Aluminium were on the verge of replacement by greener scents like Aramis 900 and Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (both also 1973), but since Creed was such an ultra-luxe high-end option few people knew about outside political circles or celebrities in 1973, they were probably able to get away with this style a little longer since they weren't in the mainstream public consciousness. In fact, Acier Aluminum was only discontinued rather recently, which means folks were still buying bottles of it enough for Creed to keep whipping up new batches of the stuff past the 21st century mark. To be clear, I lucked out with an old counter tester at a fancy Bellevue boutique and did NOT magically find a bottle of this to take home, and I'm honestly glad I didn't because this isn't something I can wear much (I've been milking my Royal Copenhagen for years for the same reason). Other reviewers talk of this smelling like everything from sex to a fruit basket but it's really none of those things to my nose, but I also understand that not all Creed fans are vintage fans, so the point of references will be different. Acier Aluminium does have a pretty powerful opening and decent performance, and although I don't know how much this was when new, I can agree that it does smell better blended and more distinctive than most things in this swinging alpha male style, which is why it has it's fans even into discontinuation. It's Hai Karate (1967) for the high rollers.

I get a big old whiff of bitter bergamot in the opening, followed by a fat powdery floral note, maybe heliotrope or carnation, making it of similar ilk to what I compared above, with lemon sweetness acting as a transitory note to the middle of jasmine hedione. This hedione sets Acier Aluminium apart from all the other macho scents of the era, as that's something usually reserved for the fresh citrus chypres or eau de colognes, but here it is dancing like a dandy in the rain amidst a backdrop of wicked bergamot, powdery florals, and that metallic note which draws the scent's namesake. The fruit note everyone seems to get might be a touch of fig, as that's the closest thing I can draw it to, but cardamom and nutmeg quickly take this fruit away and bury it in a mulled brown thud. Creed's trademark "spare no expense" ambergris comes out in the base, alongside real mysore sandalwood, musk, oakmoss, and a touch of vanilla, which is where I get my Wild Country reference most. Overall, this bounces around from dandy to truck driver quite a bit depending on the way the air hits my skin, and it is a bit itchy because of that whatever-it-is metallic note which permeates the whole thing. Metal-themed scents didn't seem to survive the 70's and this to me is a good example of why. Acier Aluminium keeps my nose constantly on edge, never letting it relax, and I can focus on smelling little else unless somebody shoves a hot apple pie or something under my nose. I kept some on a paper card for later recollection, but I had to scrub this before sitting down to review just so I could smell other things. If Mandom (1969) was the scent of Charles Bronson, then Acier Aluminium was the smell of his manager at the time, which is about where the stuff sits within the old-school CIS hetero male hierarchy: Acier Aluminium is virility and prowess dressed up in the Savile Row duds rather than the latest Pierre Cardin prêt-à-porter.

Fans of collecting old vaulted Creeds are the most likely to be onto this stuff (an even more expensive hobby than ordinary vintage hunting), but while I like this, I was never the biggest fan of this "uber-fougère" style, and much prefer the later aromatic green fougères that were ushered in over them, dialing back all the belt buckle, biker boots, and sideburn swagger in favor of open-chested v-necks, ass-hugging bell-bottoms, and bangs that made Farrah Fawcett jealous. Acier Aluminium gets a thumbs-up for being left-of-center with it's inexplicable fruit twist to the formula, and the fact that it manages to speak it's machismo in measured tones on the skin rather than screaming with amplifier dimed like some of it's Jovan-made contemporaries (I do love them for that sometimes), but the metallic edge and that powder in the top puts this into the "wear once a year" category for me, when I absolutely don't want to smell anything else but my fragrance. One thing's for certain, all the giddy socialites out there used to their modern Royal this and Mountain Water that from Creed are in for a Hell of a punch to the face if they get their sniffer on a bottle of this, which is once again why Creed likely pulled this after going for decades under the mainstream radar. If you see a Land Rover as something to take on Safari or rally racing rather than haul the kids back from private school or to take expensive organic goodies to and from the Whole Foods, Acier Aluminium might have you in mind, if you can still find a bottle. The rest of us plebes will stick to our old bottles of Mandom and Hai Karate, which are embarrassingly overbearing in ways just a tad more endearing than this stuff. Definitely a fun experience once-around experience, Acier Aluminium shows a side of Creed that few people outside the dogged hunters of rare old Creeds get to see these days, but it's nothing that can be worn with a proper context in the 21st century.
03rd September, 2018
I get the banana and porn's a gentleman type scent, but seems like it could be sleazy if it wanted too...kind of comforting and sexy too...i get a spicy ripe fruit smell, and it does give me a banana impression mixed in with bergamot and other fruit and spices...settles into a nice musky/ambergris/vanilla vibe that is not quite a skin scent but is somewhat subdued...find it pleasant overall and enjoy wearing it...
06th July, 2018
Was a signature scent for many years when feeling at my dandyish, and I still have bottles of it stashed away for a rainy day, but somehow Caron's 3'eme Homme just does most of what this does far better and with more polish. The overdose of ambergris though is the thing that still draws me back from time to time - and makes it a unique proposition.
30th June, 2017
Yes indeed....Acier Aluminum is a work of art; I received a bottle for a great price and having read reviews wasn't very sure what I purchased. Unbeknownst to me and too my surprise I really like this! AA opens very piney, however that leaves and you began yo take in this amber, vanilla like aroma. AA, is said to smell like banana and metallic however either neither banana nor metallic in this composition. Does it fall in line with GIT or IM, or even! I wold AA is in a league of its own just like Bois du Portugal. Can it be dated, only if when you listen to others mention this. If you approach AA without the preconceived notions I think you'd get a better or give a better judge of character for this fragrance. I really enjoy this, maybe a go to fragrance in rotation. I think this is a masculine fragrance with the pine, leather, amber....makes a great fragrance for me. Maybe closely related to Bois du Portugal...
29th November, 2015

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