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Animale for Men (1993)
by Animale Parfums


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Year of Launch1993
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAnimale Parfums
Parent CompanyThe Animale Group
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Animale for Men

A follow up to the popular women's 1987 fragrance Animale created by designer Suzanne de Lyon. Rights were bought over to the brand by Parlux in 1990 and
it was masterbranded. This mens version follows in an opposite direction to the spicy womens.[Sc]

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Reviews of Animale for Men

I'm going to give Animale for Men a thumbs up.Make no bones about it this is linear and yes it is synthetic...but it's also a hybrid of two late 80's fragrances.Those fragrances are Lapidus Pour Homme (1987) and Aspen by Coty (1989) as a fruity and freshly green and leathery fragrance.

The fruity side of this fragrance comes from that identical grape sweetened lavender base of Lapidus PH.I get new leather,mint,and a green haze produced by a mix of vetiver and juniper.This gives this stuff some air to this fragrance in a green and fresh yet slightly sharp way keeping the sweetness more focused and not dominating.I'll give this fragrance some props I don't think this is merely a smattering of two fragrances as there's some fine tuning done to it.As interesting as I find Lapidus PH to be it's very heady and powdery...through Animale is sticks to the main focus of the base.Aspen is very eye-opening and a bit synthetic but this captures that and I find the leather to be turned up a little in Animale for Men.

I'd suggest going easy on the sprayer.If this stuff lost a little projection muscle since the early 90's it seems pretty darn powerhouse even today.This will fool you at first delivering the transparent green and leathery side initially on spray until the grape/lavender grows through the mix within 5 minutes so go easy.2-3 sprays should get you pretty moderate projection for the first 8 hours...low projection for another 6 hours or so.I'm not going to claim a false popularity on Animale for Men because these two fragrances it shares identity with were bigger sellers up to the mid 90's.But I remember seeing this fragrance in dept. stores in my youth and I smelled this combination a lot in public's nostalgic that's for sure.It is very possible that Animale for Men just slipped through the fingers of time and became less known over the decades.
05th June, 2018
It's not exactly modern but it has a sweet masculinity to it. It does smell like today's deodorants and actually has a "sweaty but clean" element to my nose. Doesn't surprise me that women still like this.

Projection and longevity are both very good.
15th January, 2018
some synthetics don't do too bad by me, but this is not one of them..I get the impression of this chemical cloud surrounding me when I spray this on..The smell is not too too bad, but it smells like a good smelling cleaning product or some flavor of Fabreeze..a burst of citrus at the beginning that goes right into a flowery aromatic green smell..a little fruity-a little sweet..I can see using this as an air freshener but I find that I do not enjoy wearing it...don't really mind the's not bad..just doesn't seem like something to be worn...overall, sort of generic and I can see it appealing to those that like the fruity/sweet, aquatic sporty kind of thing..if it works for you it's definitely a good bang for the buck..dry down is sort of OK..hint of leather, but I don't see why they list vetiver or oakmoss..maybe when it first came out, but not now...
pass on this ( except to use instead of Fabreeze)
Aromatic Synthetic Sweet Fruit/Flower
02nd November, 2015
man114 Show all reviews
United States
Good take on a fresher scent. Long lasting, good sillage. Some of the notes are a tad synthetic, but if I want a fresh fragrance, I want it to last all day, not fade into general rubbish, this stuff does a fairly decent job of it. One of the few fresh scents I find mostly decent from start to finish, that alone gets it a thumbs up.
30th December, 2011
Yes, it smells green, fresh, simple and cheap, but is effective with women. Personally, I think it resembles some masculine deodorants. My girlfriend and some of my female friends like it, so I respect this fragrance. I don't like its bottle, it looks like an old plastic toy. This perfume is very successful in Brazil where this fragrance is sold everywhere, so I don't kwow why Animale is classified as a discontinued fragrance at Basenotes.Part of the 'Animale for for Men' success in Brazil is devoted to its good price and sillage, as can be read from many reviews.
08th January, 2010
I smell this citrus floral and I believe I've smelled it before. I have no idea what it was but it's around here somewhere in my brain. Wonderfully dated meaning you know what era this is from. Lasts long and is strong.
02nd August, 2008

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