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Arrogance pour Homme (original) (1982)
by Arrogance


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Year of Launch1982
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Parent CompanySchiapparelli Pikenz
Parent Company at launchR.P. Denis

About Arrogance pour Homme (original)

Arrogance pour Homme (original) is a masculine fragrance by Arrogance. The scent was launched in 1982

Arrogance pour Homme (original) fragrance notes

Reviews of Arrogance pour Homme (original)

first time I sprayed this on I thought , Kouros...this was a dead ringer to me...I even though I accidentally had sprayed Kouros instead of Arrogance...did a side by side, and still smelled close...slowly but surely , every time I wore this I started noticing more and more differences...the subtle citrus in the opening...the dirty/dark/burning patchouli...the absence of the soapy smell...much more animalic with the castoreum/musk/civet sweetness whatsoever...well, to make a long story short , i made sure I got a backup bottle of the original vintage...I'm a die hard Kouros lover, but this is right up there with the old school powerhouse leather animalic fragrances...
19th March, 2019
Arrogance is a bold leathery chypre with resemblances to Van Cleef and Arpels, Trussardi Uomo and Morabito's Or Black.

Arrogance opens with a slightly bitter blast of artemisia, citrus and spices, but quickly settles into a more smoldering kind of intensity, with the jasmin, rose and carnation midnotes softening the patchouli and cedar. The base notes are leathery and animalic --- musk, civet and castoreum softened by amber, moss and vetiver. This is a scent for a mature man with a great deal of confidence, and who knows how to behave himself in polite society without sacrificing his wild side. There's always a hint of it lurking beneath the surface. The musical analogy it conjures up for me is Miles Davis' "In A Silent Way" --- it's sultry and controlled, but threatens to break out into something much more untamed at any moment.

They don't make 'em like this any more, folks --- and it's a damn shame!
04th March, 2014
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Combines Aspects of Some of The Best Releases of the Past Brilliantly...

*This is a review of the original Arrogance pour Homme.

Arrogance pour Homme (vintage) opens with a gorgeous rose and lemon combination supported by early hints of the soapy oakmoss and patchouli tandem to come. As the fragrance enters its early heart, the lemon disappears leaving the relatively dull rose and the now starring intensified soapy oakmoss and patchouli combo from the base, supported by a honey-like accord, carnation, and just a touch of dirty cumin spice with other subtly implemented culinary herbs for good measure. During the late dry-down amber from the base sweetens the remnants of the still starring soapy oakmoss and patchouli, as the cumin and florals become nearly undetectable. Projection begins outstanding but becomes slightly above average a couple hours into the development, with longevity slightly above average at 9-11 hours on skin.

This one is a keeper. Arrogance pour Homme (vintage) comes on strong like the 80s powerhouse patchouli bomb it is, and you immediately smell the large amount of soapy oakmoss rising from the base that you will never find in any contemporary releases due to restrictions on the ingredient. That said, things calm down in time and the composition actually becomes much more versatile than one might think after a couple hours. The rose used throughout the composition is not the big heady floral bouquet you might expect, but instead is a very dark and dulled implementation of the flower with the carnation keeping the rose well in-check. Cumin is a spice I don't get along well with, but while I am sure there is some in here (despite it not being a published note) it adds just a hint of dirtiness to the composition while avoiding coming off as bad body odor. To give folks a bit of an idea as to what one should expect here, the closest fragrance Arrogance pour Homme (vintage) resembles early is Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme (vintage), leading later to a combination of Captain Molyneux (vintage) laced with some of the honey accord found in Antaeus (vintage) for added measure. As all three of those are classics and some of my absolute favorites the fact that Arrogance pour Homme meshing perfectly with my tastes should come as no surprise. The bottom line is the still relatively easy to obtain approximately $50 a 100ml bottle on the after-market Arrogance pour Homme (vintage) may not be entirely original, but it deftly combines many of of the best aspects of other classic fragrances from the time period yielding an outstanding 4.5 star out of 5 rated result. Highly recommended to 80's powerhouse lovers for sure!

Pros: Strong soapy oakmoss and patchouli implementation that smells incredible...
Cons: Is not particularly innovative...

05th July, 2013
arrogance pour homme (the black one) came out in the early 80s is a beautiful fragrance that in the original version reminded me a lot V.cleef & A. and also Trussardi man, (the first). Now I feel something more softened and closer to gianni versace pour homme, reformulation likely have to find something of eighty smell original. for now my judgment is average. Today 21/11/017
as it is true that we must use it, in order to judge it well. Arrogance pour homme is outstanding one of the best made in italy, it is important to try the Denis version, the likeness with Van Cleef, but I see it closer to Antaeus because of the honey ... the silage and the duration are from power house , there is also an eau de parfum version of an excellent product that still boosts power without altering the fragrance, surely thumbs up
30th December, 2012 (last edited: 21st November, 2017)
I was lucky to find out in a dusty and obscure store a 30 ml for about € 6. Very  hard to find, one of the best powerhouse formulas out there. This is the V&A Pour Homme more laundry and "insipid" twin, is aromatic, rosey, mossy and animalic, in the middle between the earlier V&A, Balenciaga Portos, Monsieur Rochas and the "toilette kind" neutral  soapiness of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (aromatic notes, hesperides, rosewood, lavender, geranium, amber, moss, honey, everything in common with Arrogance Pour Homme). The opaque smoothness reminds me a bit the more radiant Giorgio Beverly Hills but the Arrogance one is mossier and more obscure, floral and deep. Its soapy-honeyed, mossy (oakmoss-galbanum), rosey and leathery neutrality reminds me slightly the more "oily" and "yellow" Equipage. Dark, animal, aromatic, herbal, leathery, floral and laundry this scent is epitome of discreet class and conservative elegance. I love it. Unfortunately the longevity is faint on my skin.
P.S= I have to say that the fragrance which anyway reminds at me more this one (which anyway is more shadowy and mossy) is the great Kouros. Both the fragrances shere a common foundation (cool-aldehydic, barber-shop-laundry, animalic, mossy) made by aromatic herbs and spices, stiff flowers, oakmoss, a touch of aldehydes, musk, animal notes (civet, castoreum plus leather) and incensey balsams.
P.S 2= Apart the Equipage's nuances I can catch facets about Fougere Royale, knize Ten, Dunhill for Men and Monsieur Rochas.
21st January, 2012 (last edited: 24th October, 2014)
super black and super strong - amazing with black leather, black mercedes, black sunglasses, u get the picture
22nd February, 2006

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