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Bijan for Men (1981)
by Bijan


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Year of Launch1981
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyQuality King Distributors > Perfumania Holdings > Five Star Fragrances
Parent Company at launchBijan

About Bijan for Men

Bijan for Men is a masculine fragrance by Bijan. The scent was launched in 1981

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Reviews of Bijan for Men

Bavard has a very interesting and helpful thread on the vintages and how to distinguish them. I live in the UK and extremely difficult to locate vintage bottles. Apart from the ingredients list, the reference number on the bottom of the box, Iím not referring to the batch code, But the reference number if itís in the 100ís will be as vintage as you Will ever need . Also look out for the bottles that say cologne on the back,
The vintage juice is absolutely amazing. High quality,Smelling very resinous and spicy. Warmer and more leathery that quorum, less herbal, but just as natural smelling. the original Gianfranco Ferre ,Springs to mind. The transition on the skin is sublime too ., Just make sure you avoid the modern five-star formula, itís only a fraction/shadow of the earlier versions
15th September, 2020
I got a good deal on a vintage bottle (short ingredients list), and the opening is a stunner - I love it! My initial reaction is a dream escape to the height of early 80s luxury and masculine charm. I'm swept away by the beauty, and find myself laughing. It's a little hot spicy, like the spicy note in Patou Pour Homme, but it has even more in common with Versace L'Homme, which I like, the same kind of powdery, patchouli-driven accord.

Bijan Men settles fairly quickly to a polite, restrained fragrance on my skin. I get more strength from Versace L'Homme, which somehow manages to rev up as it goes along (with help from vanilla). With Bijan Men, it settles almost too quickly when I want some of the colorfulness of the opening to go on for longer. However, this probably makes Bijan Men the better version to wear to the office.

Where Versace L'Homme uses vanilla, and blooms as it develops, Bijan Men has a note that's almost like a chocolate-y leather, with a dash of spice, but it's a subtle thing I have to sniff up close to smell. Overall, I think it works fantastically well and that it will easily make its way in my rotation.
27th May, 2020
This is a cross between Chanel Pour Monsieur and Lauder for Men, but I'm not sure of the vintage of my bottle so YMMV.

Loud opening, and "classic" or "dated", though not powdery. Monster projection for an hour or less until it draws near. Then maybe a 3ft scent bubble.

Even while clearing land and burning brush, I could smell this 8-9 hours later.

I prefer Lauder for Men, but I'll take Bijan for Men over Chanel Pour Monsieur. 6.5-7.0/10

02nd January, 2020
From what I had read about this, I was expecting a much stronger, more potent fragrance than the one I experienced. I have just bought a bottle of this (influenced by Basenotes reviewers) and was somewhat underwhelmed. I enjoy the fragrance, a lot, but it seems rather weak on me. Maybe the reviews I read were referring to an earlier version, maybe It's me.

On smelling strip the fragrance is quite strong, and lasts, a long time. Starting with an almost Fougere opening of Bergamot and, possibly, Lavender it segues into a more spicy (Nutmeg and Clove). The dry bitterness of salicylates getting stronger all the time. Eventually it dries down to Musk, Moss, Salicylate and Clove. Most enjoyable.

Actually, what the dry down remind me of is Youth Dew.

On me, after an hour or so I can barely smell it. Shame.

I give it "thumbs up" because of its performance on smelling strip. Evaluating, just on me, it would get a neutral.
04th October, 2019
Spice and woods abound here. Be warned:
Bijan is gutsy, potent and elegant if applied as follows: one light spray in the air and a quick walk through. That's it. If applied correctly expect complements. If over applied I will not be held responsible for your demise or banishment from planet earth.
30th April, 2019
If I were to give Bijan for Men a one-word description it would be "piquant." In the classic meaning of the term. That is, arousing but not necessarily pleasantly arousing. With a certain level of irritation. But in a good way. At least to me.

Today our Millennial friends are being taught that the gravest sin a person can commit is to offend someone else. This comes from a time before that.

Bijan is one of my top three fragrances because it's just so interesting. It has so many aspects and each one seems to tickle my nose and make me want to take another sniff.

I would say it isn't in the slightest bit "pleasant" but it's completely compelling. It pulls you toward it and pushes you away simultaneously, creating a certain tension that never resolves but keeps you coming back for more. And that is the essence of seduction.
26th April, 2019

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