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Black Label (1967)
by Mayfair (originally by Yardley, also Lenthéric)


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Year of Launch1967
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

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Originally byYardley
Also byLenthéric
Parent CompanyShaneel Enterprises Ltd

About Black Label

Black Label is a masculine fragrance by Mayfair. The scent was launched in 1967

Black Label fragrance notes

Reviews of Black Label

Original Yardley version smells like a mix of Jicky and Patou Pour Homme Prive. It's really that good!!

Subtle and classy.
18th August, 2017
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United Kingdom
A Review of the Original Vintage Version made by Yardley:

An opening blast of awesome quality: bergamot, lots of beautiful, orange, a touch of lemon, and some verbena in the background: a paradigmatic chypre opening if there ever was one; crisp and refreshing a Cologne this one truly is!

The drydown develops a gorgeous lavender note, as if freshly picked in the garden, intense, very - typical. This lavender is very close in quality to my benchmark lavender, which is Old English Lavender from the same house. Clary sage, geranium and a woodsy-herbal undertone follow the traditional route in a thoroughly convincing manner.

The base adds a - slightly earthy - vetiver, and, besides a gently crisp patchouli, also employs a lovely oakmoss; but it does that very sparingly. Whilst many oakmoss-based fragrances derive their allure from the full-throttle release of its mossy-spicy sharpness in an unfettered manner, here the oakmoss is applied in a nigh-homeopathic dose like seasoning in an already rich and tasty dish.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and a stupendous longevity on twelve hours on my skin - an utterly incredible performance that is unbelievable for a humbly labeled "Cologne."

This spring cent for warmer days is a seminal chypre, less harsh than many contemporaries due judiciously sparing application of the oakmoss and the comparative smoothness of the patchouli. I personally and subjectively would have preferred a bit more prominence of the oakmoss, but its sparing use in this composition results in an objectively convincing result nonetheless.

The high natural quality of the ingredients is beyond doubt, as is the perfect blending. Direct, unfussy, upright and supremely crafted in the traditional way - a very fine example of British Perfumery. 4.25/5.
23rd April, 2017
One of my guilty pleasures is to have a traditional wet shave, and then with my hands dripping with Yardley Black Label Cologne, massaging it into my face and neck. It’s an antiquated product, decades away from fragrant modernity, and even further away in spirit. Here is a blend of old school citric elements and slightly raw herbaceous ingredients - especially lavender, and yet it always avoids fustiness. It is augmented by a warm aromatic oakmoss base which pervades much of its lifespan. Despite being only a brief conveyor of vintage masculinity, it brings such joy to these supple cheeks, that I shall forever have a bottle to hand.
19th May, 2016
This is really a superb lavender scent.
Very natural, smooth yet solid, it's a joy to wear.
I see it like a man's version of their English Lavender scent.
It has more woods so feels more masculine.
12th February, 2013
The Baron de Charlus once told me: "I recall as a child that one of my first experiences with scent was when I sampled a bottle of Yardley Black Label aftershave in the chateau which my dear father shared with my uncle, the Duc des Esseintes. The exact tone of this scent immediately transported me into a clean, subtle ecstasy of citrus and lavender where, somehow, the fruits of the earth combined with a more ethereal and strange avenue of felt imagination of which, I surmised, paradise itself must be composed.
Latterly, seeking to recapture that childish rapture, I located a bottle of Black Label aftershave (now, according to the label, manufactured by Lentheric and not by Yardley). I was not totally disappointed. A pale reflection of that original realm of refined, heavenly cologne still remained, but certainly less vivid, and I had no memory at all of the elements of wood and spice, now clearly in evidence and pleasant enough, but still an offence to my pure childhood memory.
I found myself wondering. Was it simply the case, as my uncle the Duke was so fond of saying, that Imagination always exceeds Reality? Was it, as my friend Marcel asserts, that to seek to recapture lost time in the present invariably produces a mere shell of that remembered magic? Was it that my taste in scent had altered, perhaps even improved? Or was it just that Lentheric had changed the original Yardley formula?
But it's still a rather fine scent."
21st March, 2009
My first scent ever. A confirmation gift of my father given to me with my first shaving kit (there wasn't much to shave then, yet). A very 60s scent, gentleman-like and British, yet not too heavy on the lavender. Unfortunately, not availale anymore in Germany but sometimes I can get samples of it at Ebay. 13 out of 15 points.
22nd March, 2006

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