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Boucheron pour Homme (1991)
by Boucheron


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Year of Launch1991
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerRaymond Chaillan
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Boucheron pour Homme

Boucheron pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Boucheron. The scent was launched in 1991 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Raymond Chaillan

Boucheron pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Boucheron pour Homme

I don't question that Boucheron PH was released in 1991...but it smells like it was designed in 1961. Regardless of it's very mature label and design of a vintage men's fragrance I do like this a lot.

It comes off very lemony fresh and smooth of sandalwood. Carnation and soap surfaces right up strong at fast then settles to a creamy and lightly powdery level. This does have a green quality that seems to be made from a lot of vetiver with a little bit of incense and lily of the valley. But I get a little leather to this fragrance though it's not listed.

This is a soft and elegant men's fragrance that's medium projection and holds on for 12 hours. I say it smells older because the lemon, sandalwood, and light floral touches combined smells like the opening of Jean Naté with higher quality notes. Boucheron PH may get some unisex referencing from that but it's a relaxed and great scent. Very gentlemanly.

28th June, 2019 (last edited: 04th October, 2019)
I'm late 30's, but in my opinion this scent is for a much more mature person. My nose is not trained to pick up which note I'm smelling that senses this, but it definitely smells dated on me. Having said that, it's not an unpleasant scent.

I must add this this could really be considered unisex, in my opinion. Something seems very familiar to Chanel No. 5, or another similar scent in the powdery, floral, dated genre.

I had high hopes based on all the positive reviews from another site, but I won't be finishing my 5ml sample.
18th May, 2019
A clean citrus top note, that transforms over time from floral, to herbal and finally a subtle woody scent. An all year fragrance, suitable for the office or for a formal dinner. A timeless, fresh fragrance.
08th April, 2019
Straight away this reminded me of those Eighties and Early Nineties classical citrus floral fragrances for men that had a touch of class about them. Bright citrus opening of lemon, juniper and orange citrus. Nice but a bit rough with a musty/fusty note if smelled upclose coming from a dose of aldehydes.

Where this shines and becomes really good is how it develops and opens up. You get a lemon/Juniper citrus with lily of the valley and lots of floral's with woods blended in. It stays fresh and light and is reminiscent of Lauder For Men and Caron's Third Man.Though with the Lauder the lemon/juniper citrus is more focused and mossy with the floral's never showing themselves as much as in this one and Third Man. A variation on a popular theme from back in the day. Very classy and lovely smelling with a interesting host of complex notes.
07th January, 2019
A truly magnificent scent. Smells mostly very natural. I have the EDP.

It strikes me, stylistically, as being an intense "eau de cologne" in the sense of a citrusy Kölnische Wasser; if, say, EAU DE ROCHAS were magnified threefold in intensity, this is what you'd get.

This scent is mostly about tangy, sharp, nose-prickling citrus, and those who love citrus fragrances will want to note that the citrus qualities do not disappear, but rather linger well into the drydown, borne aloft by the classic aldehydes present.

There are many notes other than citrus, but they are mostly "ghosted" and nigh-subliminal, and comprise a delicate chypre base illuminated with herb and floralcy.

In far drydown, the scent grows more powdery and papery, and reminds me of, say, freshly ironed white batiste cloth... or fine white cotton-rag stationery; basil and bergamot linger on with it. This is what the French would call a "Tonic" fragrance... as in: smelling it is an aromatherapy, as it puts your head into a more balanced space, relieving fatigue, desperation, melancholy, nausea, headache, etc. Just as with 4711, you could douse a damp washcloth with this, and lie down with the cloth over your forehead, as the Germans do.

This strikes me as the ultimate hot weather fragrance, as the brilliant, tangy notes are so refreshing and restorative. Nothing in BOUCHERON declares that the scent is just for men... it is very easily unisex, like any Kölnische Wasser would be.

BOUCHERON HOMMES is a gorgeous scent with a classical, timeless vibe. To say it is outdated is like saying "apples are outdated". In fact, I detect no trendy modern synthetic aromachemicals... no calone, cashmeran, Iso E Super, etc. So this scent could never be "outdated".
01st January, 2019
Nana never smelled like this despite the suggestions that I smell like her whenever I wear Boucheron pour Homme. Besides, why shouldn't I smell like Nana? She always smelled clean and fresh to me and comforting. This citrus is potent. Heavy handedness would make it cloying. This fragrance requires conservative, even cautious use. When such potent citrus dances with floral notes, it's best to aim for subtlety. The longer this develops, the better the outcome and here's where a conservative application is rewarding in the headache one avoids. Perhaps Nana would have dabbed a little on her wrists and left it at that. Nana knows best.
26th September, 2018

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