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Brut (1964)
by Fabergé


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Year of Launch1964
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerKarl Mann
Parent CompanyPallinghurst Resources

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It's Brut! What more can be said....

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The beginning of the fragrance is like a calm western landscape with trees,mountains and wild flowers with a cowboy who puts his gun in its leather cover. Lavender,anise,oakmoss and vetiver continue to make this western more classic with a character who emmotionally and spiritually,he lives in a cold land,but he has the traces of silent and unspoken love.He is very stubborn in expressing love and affection in the face of vanilla and tonka bean and the sweetness that the two inject into him.he suffices with a simple thank you.he rarely uses this word because this mysterious man's motto is that no one is kind to human beings for no reason,which is why the sweetness of perfume disappears very quickly.

Such a great scent.It reminds me of my dad.this really is the epitome of a man's fragrance,the classic barbershop fougere.and one of the top aromatic fougere of all time.the opening is nothing special,but when the lavender and oakmoss start to appears and followed by the rest, i start to change my is neither clean or dirty,it's both, and that's what makes Brut's captivating,yet never steals the limelight from the wearer.self-confidence is a must-have if you choose to wear this devastatingly alluring perfume.The longevity and sillage are both very high quality.
23rd February, 2021 (last edited: 06th April, 2021)
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United States
This stuff is and has always been disgusting. If someone gives you this, they don't like you.
11th January, 2021
"Of course I'll respect you, I just won't call."

- Brut

4 stars.
23rd September, 2020
BRUT - an eventful perfume- and company history!

BRUT, then still with the addition of FABERGÉ, has undergone an enormous change since 2007. When you consider that BRUT was once the most successful perfume brand - in terms of sales - with its perfume by-products in the 1970s and 1980s in the USA?

But it all began with perfume when a US businessman bought Carl Fabergé's two sons - Alexander and Eugene - the right to use the name Fabergé for cosmetics just for US $ 25,000.

This perfume company, called Fabergé Inc., changed hands several times over the next few decades until it finally ended up with the Dutch-British conglomerate Unilever.

Unilever had acquired the perfume brand with all its rights, then in 1989 for 1.55 billion US dollars , where it remained as Lever Fabergé until the end of 2006 .

In January 2007, a Russian oligarch acquired all Fabergé naming rights and the associated licenses through his investment group based on the Cayman Islands from Unilever - for an undisclosed purchase price. This in order to revive the manufacture and sale of Fabergé jewelry with the old, well-known historic name.

However, another Russian oligarch runs a museum in Baden-Baden called the "Fabergé Museum". He may continue to use this designation - after a court ruling.

The BRUT perfume itself, plus by-products such as deodorants or soaps etc., was no longer allowed to carry the addition “Fabergé” on packs and bottles.

Today the fragrance is then sold under the name "BRUT Parfums Prestige" and this continues as a Unilever subsidiary.

My comment on BRUT myself.
As a young guy in the late 1970s, the scent was something I didn't like at all. Somehow too bombastic, overloaded with x undefinable components for me. At that time things started slowly with the launch of many new men's fragrances - pushed by the disco wave of the time, especially by Travolta's world movie hit "Saturday Night Fever". In short, BRUT was simply Bäääh!

At that time people turned to other fragrances, such as new items from Etienne Aigner, Bogart, Azzaro or Lagerfelds Classic, to name just a few. BRUT was quickly forgotten by me. And it stayed that way - until now in 2020!

By chance (as a small present!) I got a new original bottle, as it is apparently sold today.
There was a certain skepticism, because the umpteenth brain drawer of mine still had the scent memory from the 1970s.
I also experience a certain change in smell over the decades. Fragrances or aromas that I liked in the past are no longer liked today, or only to a limited extent.

It is the same with BRUT. Back then a kind of "no use", but today: oh, I like it!

Perhaps because there were certain adjustments to the recipe, i.e. the original fragrance dominance has been toned down today, who knows?

The fact is, I like the fragrance very much because it is no longer as overwhelmingly present as it was back then, but more subtle - that is, it is softer. But I am unable to determine which component is responsible.

All in all, the sillage is quite strong, depending on how much you spray. What is striking, however, is the durability, which can be described as strong over a period of around eight hours.
In short, it will continue to be used by me!
03rd September, 2020
I thought I would pick the Special Reserve version for pure nostalgic reasons. It's been twenty five years since I smelled this fragrance. I used to borrow my dads Brut as a teenager so this was trip down memory lane.

It opens up with lemon, lavender with anise and powder. It has a bit of citrus but it seems a lot weaker than the old vintage. More rougher and powdery and not as smooth and strong as I remember. It's like they have stripped it down and added extra powder, that strong green spicy citrus seems to have vanished. I would call this Brut triple extra lite. They have neutered the scent and cut off it's cojones.

The bottle looks fun and macho but don't let it deceive you, it's macho days are far gone. Now it's a Sunday morning after a shower cologne when you want to read your paper in your slippers with a nice cup of coffee. Brut R.I.P I will miss the guy you once were, time to retire once and for all.
19th March, 2020
Whenever you wear your beloved la nuit,Dior homme or le male you should give a big shout-out to the BRUT.
All the contemporary sweeties are kids of Brut's family where Brut plays as the grandfather .

BRUT opens up sharp sweet and syrupy ,and goes ahead taking along its sweetness of the opening , but never forgets to get rid of that sticky syrupiness ,And dries down to a simple yet comforting and alluring aroma .



It's sweet , a little balsamic and powdery but its not your usual dry talc ,instead there's some sticky dampness that keeps it from going overly dusty, it's a soft magical aura around you, thats the vibe that makes people bieng nostalgic for it ,and push it apart from all the other classic fougeres.
its sweet but not in La nuit or CH men's bubbly ,naughty and overly extrovert way.

Its herbal in a "wet tree bark way" ,yet not so green.

There's a very soft but pronounced muskyness with a very thin green tone underneath, that wraps the whole composition, this musky blanket is the soul of great BRUT.

It's smell makes us feel it came from a long gone era ,but it still manages to smell quiet up-to-date compared to any other classics of its era ,and even leaves behind some of the big hits of the 70's & 80's when it comes to timeless-ness.

BRUT is one of the most classic and authentic barbershop smells you can find ,and its aromatic qualities ,sweet and wet talcum powder vibe ,subtle herbals and smooth over all effect declares it one of the best of its genre .

I usually wear and enjoy it after a shower in the shiny cool winter evening ,when sky is blue and and the sunlight has turned to orange ,sitting in the open under the sky in solitude, sun is landing in the west and full winter moon is rising from the east, it gives an strange feeling of relaxation and calmness, no rush , no one around .
this is the perfect environment for me to enjoy brut and other classics ,im enjoying Classic fragrances in the same way from years.
as oppose to the modern chaotic scents these oldies relaxes our minds.
So if you like old school classics ,get ready to be surprized by BRUT.
its not about "OLD OR NEW "
its all about "GOOD AND BAD" .

Classic green bottle with silver medallion.

16th June, 2019

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