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Bugatti (original) (1992)
by Ettore Bugatti


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Year of Launch1992
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People and companies

HouseEttore Bugatti
Parent CompanyBogart Group
Parent Company at launchDiana de Silva

About Bugatti (original)

Bugatti (original) is a masculine fragrance by Ettore Bugatti. The scent was launched in 1992

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As a side note, the 1.0 oz round bottle with the silver cap, as shown in PStoler's photo below, is indeed the original juice, as indicated by the Diana de Silva notation that you'll find on the sticker on the bottom of the bottle.
09th June, 2021
I find Purecaramel's Sauternes wine analogy apt and judicious.
Wonderfull scent
20th December, 2018
Completely speechless! This scent is so good I don't know how to describe it: fresh and heavy, sweet and bold, masculine and elegant. In the middle between Guerlain's Shalimar and Tiffany for Men.
What a pity it is discontinued.
15th November, 2017 (last edited: 04th December, 2017)
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Bugatti for men is a miracle of freshness, made even more spectacular by its beautifully blended floral heart and deep, manly basenotes. Due to the kindness of a fellow Basenoter, I was able to try this wonderful scent from 1992 (EdT and after shave) and now I am hooked. This has all of my favorite notes (Clary Sage, Carnation, Leather, Benzoin, Labdanum, Vanilla….) and is so well blended that none of them is the star—they all play a supporting role. The Aldehydes takes the lemon, lime and bergamot of the top notes to a level of citric vibrancy that never entirely leaves—this is a fresh scent even in the dry down. The florals and woods at the heart of this fragrance are so beautifully blended that they become greater than the sum of the parts. So far, there is almost an old school Eau de Cologne vibe, with the Neroli and florals, but the base notes are never too far behind, and what notes they are! Amber, Benzoin, Castoreum, Labdanum, Leather, Oakmoss, Musk, Tonka Bean and Vanilla. In the wrong hands this could have become a parody of every masculine powerhouse ever made, but there is restraint and control at play here. Wearing it today, on a sunny autumn morning, I can only smile; I actually upgraded my wardrobe after putting this on, reaching for a better suit, the perfect shoes, my favorite tie (all Italian in this case). This is a beautiful articulation of a historic, luxury automobile brand—unmistakably Italian, definitely masculine and extremely classy. I am a huge fan of the Diana de Silva version of Gianfranco Ferre for Man which absolutely shares its DNA with Bugatti.
09th October, 2017 (last edited: 07th November, 2017)
This one truly surprised me. I love it and OF COURSE it is discontinued. A somewhat oriental-style scent that works for both men and women, IMO. My greedy nose detected lemon and sandalwood at first. After about thirty minutes I sort of figured out what else intrigued me. Well, jasmine, of course. The obligatory aldehydes. Sneaking in for an appearance I got lime, patchouli, sage, and a touch of rose.

This a fine representation of how fragrances should be made.

I am going to savor the sample I have until my budget allows for a bona fide bottle.
27th May, 2017
This one smells like a classic. So well put together, it's almost boring. Classic but timeless, and safe. Correct, even. So much to appreciate: respectable, but strong and long-lasting. Good for the office. A perfect fragrance for someone who just wants one perfume to wear all the time. A great example of the final days of perfume's golden age, seems to me, pessimistically, as a 2015 consumer.

I get more oak moss at the top than the base, and a lemony citrus in the top as well, and the base has other natural-smelling components, something sweet and warm comes to the front as it develops; something I could imagine others describing as leather.
08th December, 2015

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