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Chaz (1975)
by Revlon


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Year of Launch1975
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Parent CompanyRevlon Inc

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FIFI awards winner in 1976

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I have a original set of aftershave and cologne splash and still love it, it's one of my go to's for winter. This is not a millennial clone sweet smell, it's very masculine . Opens citrus and cedar, dry down is cedar with a hint of musk. Last several hours. This is a sent you put on after chopping wood and sitting by a open fire wearing flannel shirt.
05th October, 2018
I don't really think Chaz is reformulated to my nose.Now when I've had this stuff back in the Revlon days it was the splash form bottle...never got the srayer version because it cost a little more.Today it seems to be made only it sprayer form under Jean Phillipe.Sprayers can mess with your nose through the notes seperation in mist form so this did strike,still the same stuff.

A big base of sandalwood combined with a trio of pencil shavings cedar,moss,and a twist of lemon.This structure gets saturated with a spicy and semi dark combination of amber and cinnamon.A little lavender kind of 'carries' that spicy resin over to the's a bit more noticeable through a sprayer creating a shortly lived clean perspective.Light on leather and hints of musk.Even as old as Chaz is I don't think this is an outdated fragrance.It's spicy,smooth,and really woody but a little focused on fresh to keep if from being bone dry.Not to claim Chaz didn't get in the disco halls but it's wasn't sweaty,throbbing,and oozing sexual aggression like other 70's scents much heavier on musk or fueled on patchouli...this is pretty low key.Chaz is more of a casual wear gentleman's fragrance that's comfortable with a light touch of sensuality behind it.

I don't really notice a difference in these two on longevity as I got 6 hours of fair projection and another 2-4 being light...Chaz was and still is an Eau De Cologne.The topic on strength between the two is pretty redundant.Being that this wasn't a powerhouse I'm not completely shocked this cologne is still appreciated in a smaller circle as a piece of fragrance history.More popular among working class men back in the day who could find a small bottle at the five and dime,the large bottles in a drugstore.Probably when Aspen and Preferred Stock came out is when Chaz began to dwindle in popularity.
08th May, 2018 (last edited: 28th May, 2018)
Chet56 Show all reviews
United States
My experience is very similar to ccritic's: a girlfriend gave me a bottle of Chaz EDT for Christmas 1977 during my senior year of college. I only wear fragrances I like myself, and I wore Chaz almost exclusively the rest of my senior year. Because it was strong, I tended to wear it only at night for going out. Chaz always received a great response from my girlfriends and my friends' dates and girlfriends. It has a deep, almost musky woody-citrusy affect that suited that era extremely well still evokes great memories, and remains relevant today, so I wear it occasionally even today. I take advantage of the fact that you can still find Chaz via web outlets.
29th December, 2014
I was given Chaz by a girl I was dating in college, back around 1976. That's really all the recommendation it needed (although having Tom Selleck as its spokesmmodel probably didn't hurt). Once it started to disappear I grabbed the last bottles I could find and still guard what is left. The scent ... 40 years on ... still makes women crazy. (Probably because they don't recognize it anymore but, still, anything that works, works).
04th October, 2014
Chaz is a floral fougere that comes across almost like a leathery chypre. It bears more than a passing resemblance to Balenciaga's Portos, which lacks the distinctive Tonka note of a true fougere, but otherwise has many similarities --- fresh citrus and green topnotes giving way to wood, spices, moss and leather. A product of the disco era, it does have some of that brashness about it, but also a sophistication well beyond that of John Travolta's Tony Manero character in "Saturday Night Fever." I have the original Revlon formula, which is quite long-lasting on my skin.

H&R's Fragrance Guide lists the notes as:

TOP: Lavender, rosemary, laurel, bergamot, lemon
MIDDLE: Geranium, carnation, pine, coriander, cinnamon, clary sage, cyclamen
BASE: Cedarwood, moss, musk, tonka, amber

Splash on some Chaz, put on the Trammps' "Disco Inferno" and burn the mutha' down!
10th June, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Review of the original Revlon formulation:
An mandarin-citrus opening that has a somewhat boozy component with a green touch that is very pleasant; it is followed by a herbal moment before developing into a wood-based scent. In the drydown a gentle patchouli leads to a warm amber note, which in the later stages is sided by a restrained moss base. Never loud, this is balanced, well-blended, never heavy and not without a touch of elegance. Decent silage and projection, and four hours of longevity on my skin. Good on a cool spring day.
02nd December, 2013

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