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Chrome (1996)
by Azzaro


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Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerGerard Haury
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Chrome

Chrome by Loris Azzaro is a popular fresh citrus scent, launched in 1996.

Chrome fragrance notes

Reviews of Chrome

You are bland. You smell like soap. Less exciting but better quality than your average Adidas sport fragrance.
09th October, 2019
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United Kingdom
The opening notes are orange and bergamot, both drenched in a aquatic-like note; all a bit thin with a slightly metallic undertone.

The drydown has some green moments, and towards the base a nonspecific woodsy impression moves into the foreground, with white musks added in at times.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A light summery creation that is characterised by somewhat pale and anaemic notes that are too generic to convince. 2.5/5.
06th September, 2019
There is honestly nothing not to like about Chrome. It is absolutely lovely on a hot summer day and works just as well on colder days. Out of all the frags I own, every single time i wear chrome regardless of where im at i get compliments from any female that is around. A must own in my opinion especially for the price!
04th July, 2019
Chrome by Azzaro is a totally synthetic melange of scents that, in their presentation, have no reference points in nature. Chrome and cK One (1994) are siblings, but not siblings in the sense of being human siblings. They're more like siblings along the lines of the Agents in the "The Matrix."
You don't smell Chrome and picture some perfumer, hunched over their old, wooden desk with small vials of essential oils splayed about, working their alchemy while a lone candle burns to provide them their light to work. No, no, no...this was made in a lab that's all stainless steel (dare I, porcelain, and fluorescent lighting, by a person dressed in the gear that HazMat workers use to clean up chemical spills.

Now, that may sound like I'm trashing Chrome, but I'm not. In fact, I very much like Chrome in the way that I like cK One. I like the fact that this is a chemical mess, and I like the fact that it smells manufactured. The "transparent musks," whatever the hell they are, and the hedione produce a clean, soapy (more detergent-like than soapy, to be precise), metallic scent that is fun to wear. It projects well for a little while, but its sillage and longevity are rather ephemeral, so this won't be with you all day long, which may be a good thing, depending on your opinion of this fragrance.

This scent, like cK One, is like Taco Bell to me. It's not something that I will reach for with any regular occurrence, and it's more of a guilty pleasure than anything else. Certainly not something that I would want to be viewed as being regularly associated with. But I tell you, every once in a while a bean burrito seems to scratch that itch that shows up, and that will be when you'll find me waiting in line at the drive-thru, possibly wearing Chrome while trying to decide if I want to add a soft taco to my order. Thumbs up.
17th April, 2019
I love the smell of this -- crisp, clean, and very nice for a simple, inoffensive office fragrance in the warm months. I would rate it higher, but this does not have good projection or lifespan; with 10 sprays, I barely notice it an hour or so later.
23rd August, 2018
Chrome is young, fresh and clean. All good qualities that make this a versatile and popular scent for younger guys. The most recent ads show a "dad" as the target audience, so maybe it's actually more popular with a more mature demographic, considering when it was released.

Yes, it is kinda metallic and cloying, but I like this better than Nautica Voyage. Also, performance is impressive, both in projection and longevity, so error on the side of less if you're trying for the first time.
16th June, 2017

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