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About Clubman

Clubman is a masculine fragrance by Pinaud.

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I really like this scent. I've had it for awhile and it's grown on me. It's definitely not trendy or 'cool'. It reminds me of another time. Not sure when but it makes me feel a bit nostalgic. I've had many very expensive colognes and aftershaves and it's occurred to me that Clubman is ever so good and very reasonably priced. I smell slightly sour citrus, soap, lavender. Ripping!
24th July, 2020
I generally don't preface my reviews with sentimentality or soliloquy, but humor me. I splashed Clubman on my face this evening and sauntered into the cool Washington air on a summer evening. Somebody nearby was likely extinguishing a backyard pit fire, and the woodsy smoke mingled briefly with Clubman. And it was perfect. Stunning.

Clubman has the ability to transport you to another place: particularly, an American barbershop anywhere from the turn of the 20th Century until the late 1970s. This is what a barbershop smells like to me. Purported lavender and citrus accords are fleeting. Clubman leaves gorgeous - albeit transient - base notes of oak moss and spicy miscellany. It's warm, bracing, fresh, soapy, green, woody, earthy.

Don't expect performance from Clubman. It's an aftershave. For my money, it's also one of the best skin toners available anywhere. Clubman layers beautifully with other woody, green fragrances. I particularly enjoy it with Chanel Platinum Egoiste. And - unlike Brut, Paco Rabanne, and others - there is NOTHING remotely "flowery" about Clubman (I never could get past Rabanne's insipid geranium accord).

Is it a masterpiece? Arguable. Has it stood the test of time? Absolutely. Those who dismiss Clubman as "cheap aftershave" are missing a world of beauty. Big, big thumbs up.
09th July, 2019

It smells old school but then again so does 10 year old fish.

Just not very pleasant.

I love Special Reserve but don't care for any other Clubman fragrances.
03rd November, 2018
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United Kingdom
Nice. I purchased my first bottle of Clubman in Manhattan during my first trip to New York City. In the evenings, at the hotel, I splashed on ample amounts of Clubman before strolling around the city at night. For me, this fragrance blended in well with the streets and bars of New York: woody, earthy and spicy (with a delightful rum vibe). It will always be my New York scent.
26th October, 2018 (last edited: 28th February, 2019)
Pinaud Clubman aftershave isn't one I grew up smelling in the barbershop of the rural town I grew up.Skin Bracer Original by Mennen was what I smelled.My grandfather wore it also and I grew up on it.I wanted to try the regular Clubman aftershave because people are always praising this.In truth I tried this anywhere between 10-12 years ago but I saw it buying my usual aftershave and remembered... I owe this stuff a review.

The smell starts out with barbershop talc which is fine.But a little floral note keeps throwing the talc off course.A dominating duo of anise and citrus washes over the talc leaving a lightly detectable as a finish.The problem is the citrus and anise combo results in a very dry,semi-dark,and constant air of warmth.Aside from not liking the fragrance itself it's not crisp or refreshing in any aspect.

I'll stick to my Skin Bracer Original.No clue why people praise Clubman by Pinaud so highly...crass stuff.
28th June, 2018
This is a classic barbershop cologne/aftershave used by men in barbershops for over a hundred years, especially in North America. It smells basically exactly like lavender-scented talcum powder. In fact, upon smelling this it gave me memories of going to the barber as a child. Maybe they used Pinaud Clubman. The projection is very light (it's more of an aftershave than a cologne) while the longevity isn't bad at about 4 hours. It opens up very alcoholic and provides a deep burn if used after shaving, and smells very clean. To me it's basically very powdery oakmoss and lavender, and smells identical to talcum powder. Overall I really like it just for the nostalgia, but as an aftershave. As for stronger colognes that resemble Clubman and also have the barbershop scent, they are the following (in order of how much I like them from worst to best): Canoe, Azzaro pour Homme, Replica's At the Barber, and Chanel's Platinum Egoiste.

19th May, 2018

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