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Cool Water (1988)
by Davidoff


Cool Water information

Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 1663 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerPierre Bourdon
PackagingPeter Schmidt
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchBeecham Cosmetics > Lancaster Group

About Cool Water

One of the best selling fragrances ever. This fragrance along with Eternity by Calvin Klein, sparked a reinterest in the fresh fougere market. A Cool Water for Women was launched in 1997.

Cool Water fragrance notes

Reviews of Cool Water

A fresh classic. Still, in 2020, this one does not smell dated to me. Sure, nothing super special about it - just a nice, clean every day fresh scent.

Low priced and long lasting. I get longevity of a full work day (8 hours) and above average projection for close to 2 hours.

No wonder it has been a top seller for decades.

The scent 8/10
Projection/sillage 7/10
Price/value 9/10
11th September, 2020
Ohhh Cool Water. My high school scent of choice brings back nostalgic memories related to chilly football games, pickup trucks, and a complete lack of discretion for cologne projection.

Blast 2 or 3 (or 6) sprays of this dark blue magic and the soapy clean open slowly turns into a synthetic hot mess of musk and aquatic-ey woods recently described as "Most Mens Bodywash".

While you could do much worse, I think my biggest hangup with Cool Water is how generic it smells these days, similar to those $1 sprays you could buy in a mall bathroom. While it may have been trendy and cutting edge upon debut (was it?), nowadays you have smelled Davidoff (or its dozens of knockoffs and inspired-bys) on dozens and dozens of gentlemen in various different inexpensive soaps, sprays, aftershaves, etc.

Not bad, not great, too forgettable to put in the "Nostalgia" pile, but maybe best as an inexpensive weekend scent that doesn't take much thought.
02nd September, 2020
Big thumbs down, I literally hate this stuff on my skin that’s the problem. Smells good on my brother so I gave it to him.

Aspen and Tres Nuit are so much closer to GIT. I do not detect any grassiness in CW. Smells cheap and bland on my skin. In a word, literally, yuck.
15th June, 2020
hello, I am new here and new to collecting fragrances. Good to be here and it is really good to hear that I am not alone on my review of cool water.
I have been saying for years to many people that as I get older I really love nice smells. I appreciate all the good scents! Of course, we are all human with a nose, right? Although as I said as I have grown older I really have become fond of good scents of all kinds and forms.
I have been studying fragrances online and Utube for weeks now. I spent 400 dollars on fragrances and really like all of them. I have been buying a bunch of mini bottles and sets so that I can explore.
I decided to buy a 4.2 oz bottle of Davidoff cool water because of all the positive professional reviews. I figured that if it is not great, I can spray it on my towels and bathroom fixtures as I have done with bargain basket fragrances in the past.
I opened the bottle of cool water yesterday for the first time. I sprayed my arms one time each. I could not believe that I have heard, seen, and read so many positive reviews on this fragrance. I even did not want to waste my time keeping it and spraying it on my bathroom fixtures. I put it right back in the box drove to the post office and shipped it back, because the company will accept products that have been tested. I wasted the price of shipping which is close to a third of the cost of the bottle.
I have no problem with not liking this fragrance. My problem is, why so many fragrance experts have said great things about this scent? It is nothing special and it did nothing what so ever for me. Now I can not take the word of all the experts, because of this and that stinks.
From now on I have to sample products before I purchase. This was not much of a waste of money, but a good lesson. I will spend the money on a sample before I buy a product. Maybe someone is being paid to say great things about this product. It is nothing special what so ever. I purchased it from a reputable company, so it had to be authentic. Would anyone spend the time on making a fake Coolwater? lol, I really have a problem understanding why so many people have boasted about cool water being so great? Tobacco note? yeah really.
13th May, 2020
32 years after it's debut, and this Godfather of the aquatic-freshie genre is still a very popular best-seller, that transcends generations with it's winning, timeless fragrance!

Jasmine, lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, oakmoss all combine so nicely in a fresh symphony. Straight-forward yet multidimensional in it's development, with various aspects of the fragrance delightfully returning in gentle wafts hourly during its dry-down! And so affordable! You just can't go wrong with this.
03rd May, 2020
This fragrance turns some heads in Kochi, India but they don't stay turned the way Boss Bottled and CK Eternity turns heads.

Smells of deodorant and EDT fill up the house after spraying on in the bathroom within the first few weeks after opening so be careful with this scent if you have sensitive noses in your house.
28th April, 2020

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