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Davidoff (1984)
by Davidoff


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Year of Launch1984
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PerfumerEdouard Flechier
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchBeecham Group > Beecham Cosmetics

About Davidoff

Davidoff is a masculine fragrance by Davidoff. The scent was launched in 1984 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Edouard Flechier

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Reviews of Davidoff

one of my favorite powerhouses from the days of old...I love citrus fragrances and I love leather fragrances and this is the best of both worlds...the citrus is mostly a nice rich juicy smell of lime...the leather is like a nicely worn leather jacket...a little bit of an herby/flower accent...deep dark rich real oakmoss all over the place...just the lightest right pinch of castoreum...well blended with quality pre-IFRA ingredients...a delight to wear and sniff...not for a dandy, but for a rough gentleman...LOL
30th March, 2019
This, right here, is probably the most glorious example of what a citrus leather can be. This is no Bel Ami, where citrus is just a brief prelude. This is a no holds barred citrus aromatic floral leather with a big punch of oakmoss. In fact, I primarily think of it as a neon green citrus in the best possible way, lit up by a heady mix of florals with the darker notes of leather and moss lurking underneath. That doesn't perhaps describe how it actually smells like - it is sophisticated, but, more than anything else, incredibly suave and smooth. Something that I'd tag as 'something classic, something Italian'. Yes, Versace L'Homme and Moschino pour Homme are in the same genre, but the Moschino is more subdued and restrained with less of the citrus. And, Versace L'Homme is a bright, big lemon-leather, but the Davidoff is a tad more complex. What I find absolutely incredible here is that the lime stands out, together with lemon, and the citrus notes are deftly supported by herbs that lend a certain ruggedness, a refined aura, and furthermore accentuated by a bouquet of carnation and jasmine that add a sheen and radiance that is unique, a brilliance that is found in only rare gems like Givenchy's Insense. Moreover, the in the mid phase and in the later dry down, there is a hint of a tobacco note, a genius allusion that is not often encountered in modern scents.

I usually reach for the Davidoff in cold weather, though it does just as well in the heat. It has an extended duration on skin of over eight hours, and the projection is very strong with thick sillage for the first three to four hours, though it later calms down appreciably. I've surprisingly been complimented (something that very rarely happens) on this scent many times by different people. The personality of this scent is very much masculine, perhaps someone a bit more dashing than reserved, with a sharp suit, patent leather dress shoes and stainless steel watch, and a sports car. It does smell a lot like several other 80s fragrances, but it has aged better than many others, and is more than just nostalgia. I would mention that Vermeil pour Homme is in very similar ballpark, with a more noticeable tobacco note and toned down florals, and sort of a 2D interpretation of Davidoff. I would also note Christopher Street (Charenton Macerations) to be a modern mossy citrus leather with florals that could be imagined to be a contemporary interpretation of Davidoff.

Davidoff is one of those very rare examples where everything comes together to create a remarkable perfume. In my view, it is as good as anything Davidoff has ever brought to the market. I always find it to be uplifting and reassuring, and it never fails to puts me in the mood to go out and see more of this world.

25th December, 2018
Smells like a perfectly aged Cigar. Just the right amount of humidity, greenness and complexity. Amazing balance and elegance. For special evening wear.
14th August, 2018
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is a traditional opening of the cypre style: lemon, a moderately boozy wormwood note, the mandatory bergamot and a good sprinkle of basil all over it - the good old-fashioned style. And, as the script demands, the oak moss.

On me the oak moss arises quite early in the drydown; a beautiful, rich, rough and crisp oak moss of great quality. Yum yum! Thyme and jasmin - the latter the main floral - round off what makes a good cypre.

In the base the moss is still going strong, with added crispness supplies by a very decent patchouli that is not too dark, and whilst castoreum supplies an added touch of sharpness; the whole works together beautifully.

The performance is absolutely outstanding: strong sillage, brilliant projection and and incredibly superb longevity of nigh seventeen hours on my skin - a longevity monster in the same league as Knize Ten or Creed’s Orange Spice on me.

This autumnal beauty as a paradigmatic classic of a traditional chypre. The quality of the ingredients is excellent, and the blending done very well without losing too much structure. Maybe Davidoff’s finest. 4.25/5.
10th May, 2018
Not pretty.

No, and thankfully so because it's what I apparently like most in a masculine fragrance for men. Not much if any floral and there's a dense strength to it that might best be described as a tobac-amber. Sure, leather and moss too, but it's that ambery bit that'll choke me out if mis-used.

I spray to the sternum under a tee and polo or button-down mostly and certainly so for these strong ones. It's always worked best for me and Davidoff '84 is certainly not the exception to my rule. I spray this to the neck, ears, hands, etc., and get what I deserve... too much. Like ericrico says 'it'll wear you' if you don't watchit.

"Old school is the best school"? Yesss!
"They don't make 'em like this anymore"? Check.
"I'll take 'Big Fat Fuggin' Chypres' for $200, Mr. Trebek"? Oh, yeah!
And so on.

Overly expensive in secondary markets... Vermeil for Men shares a lot with this one yet they're different enough. A great scent for a boss in an office environment IF worn properly. And no, not 'like a boss' (queue the snoopy-diggity-dawg background musak), rather what a respectable supervisor would smell of and certainly not be broadcasting.
18th December, 2017
Davidoff by Davidoff is an outstanding men's fragrance, on par with the original Boss No. 1: an office fragrance with animalic intrigue. Fragrances for men from around this time are my favorite.
11th April, 2017

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