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Derrick (1978)
by Orlane


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Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyKelemata
Parent Company at launchNorton Simon > Max Factor

About Derrick

Derrick is a masculine fragrance by Orlane. The scent was launched in 1978

Derrick fragrance notes

Reviews of Derrick

He is the epitome of cool.he is always very masculine in everything he wear.more of an understated macho man,his style isn't about flash,but about combining wardrobe basics into stylish outfits that looked put together without being overly done.he is absolutely classy with a tuxedo,a bow tie and a pack of Marlbro cigarettes.smells very "Paul Newman" to me.

Derrick is a throwback to a time and calture where masculinity was synonymous with elegance,and it feels almost anachronistic wearing it today.a real 70s scent.those were incredible days for music,fashion,perfumery,and many other forms of art.most men's fragrance from that time reflect similar attitudes. extremely handsome and impeccably tailored.deep,aromatic,soapy, woody,piney,rich,mature,bitter, sopsiticated,clean and earthy.

It starts of green,herbal and powerful spicy blast of masculinity,like a lot of 70's scents,then dries down to a fat but smooth wood and moss base.It has some spices in it's composition that give a deep and enchanting performance to the fragrance of coumarin,patchouli and musk are there.the perfect example of classic fougere.It smells of natural ingredients with no hint of chemicals or artificial elements.

For me Derrick exudes old-school classiness and quality,and represents sold value for money. it's classic enough like Quorum, clean enough like One Man Show, powerful enough like Azaaro represents the image of mature Gentleman in his 40s.A reliable friend,A loyal husband,A man's mam if you will.there's no way that a metrosexual-new boy can pull this fragrance as probably he wouldn't have enough men's testosterone in his body to hold this fragrance for just one day.
06th February, 2021
Like Paco Rabanne, and Azzaro pour Homme, Derrick was one of the seventies fougères that appeared in the wake of the massive, but delayed success of Brut (1964).
But - Derrick was released by a minor house, and in the face of stiff competition it didn't gain the status of its rivals and disappeared, which is a shame.

Derrick is a sweet and powdery fougère, light and open - in the style of Azzaro - but less aromatic. And even though it has a note of tarragon, Derrick goes a different way. It has a fruity accord that fills out the lavandaceous body, and this is supported by a brown woody patchouli. There also is the powdery sweetness - which is strong in the outer envelope of the profile, and the final part is a sharp edge, which cuts through any potential fugginess and gives definition.
It's a paradox. One the one hand Derrick is nice and easy - powdery woody and mellow, but on the other, sharp metallic and crude.

But Derrick isn't just a cheap Sent-Bon, it has an interesting structure. It's a fougère, but the brown woody base feels like Leonard pour Homme (1980) and it's on this hybrid territory that Derrick stakes a claim.

Practically speaking, and what everybody wants to know, is : how does it perform in wear? Broadly speaking, Derrick is a powdery sweet, laid back fougère, and if you go a bit deeper there's a rich woody undercurrent, and always with that glint of steel in its eye.
If you want a clue; being a lavender fougére with a sharp overtone, Derrick is somewhere between the cheap and dreadful Hummer, and the decent but pricy Boy de Chanel; and of course the woody Leonard pour Homme.

It's a real shame Derrick has disappeared, it was a bit cheapo but still better than some of the other fougères that have survived.


My sample was in a little plastic gerry can, almost used up, there was just one wearing and now it's all gone. Boo-hoo...
25th May, 2020
Derrick easily explained is shaving cream scent that is green, darkly aromatic, and bitter.

I get a barbershop base of creamy lavender and patchouli. This comes off as a very musky shaving cream smell. A steady amount of pine and oakmoss throw some freshness and green bitterness in there. Those two green notes in the composition seem to be filtering through a dark mixture of notes. The dark mixture I'd say is 50% myrrh incense and the other half being a spice blend containing amounts of clove, anise, and cinnamon. This smells very interesting and is kept smooth from the barbershop base.

Derrick by Orlane was a green and black fragrance if you could picture a color reference to match it. This wasn't a powerhouse really because it goes to very low projection within 2 hours and hangs on for 8 hours total. It is very mature and I think fans of Azzaro PH (1978) and Quorum (1982) might be drawn to this fragrance. It is shame because I think Orlane discontinued this $25 fragrance.
06th July, 2017 (last edited: 13th June, 2020)
A spicy manly jus, reminiscent of Krizia Uomo but with a side of latex. I am sure it isn't actually latex but I pick up a latex note in some fragrances and this is one of them. Overall a pretty nice spicy scent.
27th January, 2014
An "old school" spicy/soapy scent. A bit like Red by GBH but not as well blended. It's a little "rough round the edges" The bottle looks like a land rover petrol can!!! But it was cheap and I quite like Derrick.
18th March, 2013 (last edited: 23rd March, 2013)
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Derrick smells like a poor man's JHL. Foetidus wasn't kidding when he wrote that this is a pure spice fragrance, and nothing but spices. Cinnamon, clove, wood, carnation, patchouli, vetiver, cumin and oakmoss all seem to be in here, providing sandpaper-like texture and overall feel. It's not the strongest fragrance in the world, which is a good thing because if it were your nose wood bleed.

Derrick comes from the 1970s school of power scents - ultra woody, spicy, dry and bold, but without the TNT-like power and sillage of the later fragrances in the 80's. It does smell dated, and anyone who wears Seventies styled masculines will recognize this immediately as a member of that club.

My only complaint is that it's not particularly well blended. This is a crude, rough and linear scent, and it can sometimes get tiresome to wear. It smells dark, austere, and unsmiling, but it lacks the complexity and quality of a Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme. I like Derrick, but it's not something I'll be reaching for very often. Sillage and longevity are good.

31st March, 2011

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