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Devin (1978)
by Aramis


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Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerBernard Chant
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances
Parent Company at launchEstee Lauder Companies

About Devin

A green style fragrance launched by Aramis in 1978.
FIFI award winner in 1978

Devin fragrance notes

Reviews of Devin

Now this is a very nice spicy green and musky fragrance. I get the piney leathery piercing green scent straight off the bat. Then you get a dry mossy cedar note which is softened by jasmine and carnation.

The magic of this scent is when it settles you have a green plant like aromas with dry cedar that mixes in with the florals. And this smells really good, the star of the show accord if you like.

Big thumbs up from me and well worth checking out if you like green chypre scents.
23rd June, 2020
I have always loved this perfume. My last encounter with this one was in 2010 in London when I bought this as a gift for my friend. I remember it was made in UK. "Estee Lauder makes perfumes in UK? Oh.. OK" was my reaction then.
I got my new bottle delivered today (I live in Indian administered Kashmir) and it did make me happy in these troubled times. Nothing's changed for this perfume. No reformulated stuff.. no change in aroma. Smells like it always has... nuanced and perfect as always! And,still made in the UK.
This perfume reminds me of my childhood in the eighties when, on marriage ceremonies a large 'majma' or tray shaped utensil containing a mixture of dry fruits, candy and paper money used to smell just like this perfume.
This perfume may smell different things to different people but I note in here (on basenotes) that the memories this perfume evokes are pure bliss and nostalgic.. Such is the power of this fragrance.
07th June, 2020
What a wonderful green scent this is! To my nose, this is a mix of leather, pine, galbanum (which smells like grass), and jasmine. Beautiful, gentlemanly, old-school chypre that reminds me of Polo Green but is actually better than that by far. Performance is also pretty good (not amazing though). Very good green fragrance overall that reminds me of a rainy day at a golf course.

28th May, 2019
There's no denying Yatagan and Devin are similar.

They're similar because they are both, in different ways, derived from Aromatics Elixir - but without the coriander and the rose.

From this starting point they develop the AE theme along similar lines - but use different materials. Where Yatagan is animalic - with chamomile and leather, Devin is plant based - using pollen and celeriac.

Because of this, Devin is lighter and smoother than Yatagan and that allows it to express their weird mutual theme with more clarity, which could be why Bernard Chant's Devin got a FiFi and Yatagan didn't.

The award could also be seen as an overdue recognition of Chant's masterpiece, because in 1971, when Aromatics Elixir was released there weren't any FiFi's to hand out.

01st February, 2019 (last edited: 30th May, 2019)
A perfect blend of green plant stems and florals over a leathery chypre base. It's distinctive, yet casual and unassuming.

The most prominent notes are the galbanum, artemisia and jasmine, with touches of pine and carnation. The galbanum and artemisia provide that bitter-green smell from the sap of freshly cut stems that you smell when you walk into a florist. The pine here is smooth and not at all mentholated as it is in Polo green, making it more garden green than forest or golf-course green. The jasmine brings a bit of florals and a sort-of hay-like animalic pong that blends the greens with the leather as the fragrance develops. The dry down is a subtle amber and oakmoss that slowly sweeten up the fragrance as the bitter green notes subside.

The result is that the vibe is much more casual outdoors picnic than the stuffy country-club association you might get from Polo. The performance fits in with this casual vibe - it lasts a good 8 hours, always there but never projecting obnoxiously. This suits me perfectly, I use it as my weekend daytime scent year round.


09th September, 2018
It was the 70s, and as young ballet dancers we mostly wore Eau de Love, Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose, Sweet Earth solid perfumes by Coty, Muguet (also by Coty) and Jovan Grass Oil, which I sure wish I had now.

At some point my friend Dorian got a bottle of Alliage, and then I got it, too, since it was supposed to be a "sport fragrance" - I remember a magazine ad with Karen Graham in a white tennis hat. The bitter green opening was different from anything I'd smelled, and I really loved it. But trying it a year or so ago in revisiting all things green, I still loved the bitter green, but not the drydown.

So I was excited to discover Devin.

This is a masculine?! Not to question anybody's masculinity, but it's got the greens from Alliage plus a sweet, resinous base - classic Lauder with components I recognize from Youth Dew - so I'm happy to claim it as one of my current favorites.

My mind drifted just now to Goutal's Eau de Camille, which had a similar green and leafy (privet) opening and evolved into a juxtaposition of green + sweet syringa and honeysuckle. Devin really IS butch compared to the ephemeral Goutal, yet I think my instant love for the Goutal when it came out was probably due in part to a subliminal association I made to my old friend Alliage. I don't really think of myself as much of a Lauder person, but as someone who grew up in the States as a card-carrying member of 20th Century mall culture, they actually played a big part in forming my taste in fragrance.

Devin's inexpensive, but it doesn't smell cheap, and the lasting power is like an EDP. So now I check out classic masculines based on this discovery - who knows what else I've been missing all these years?
09th August, 2018

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