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Drakkar Noir (1982)
by Guy Laroche


Drakkar Noir information

Year of Launch1982
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseGuy Laroche
PerfumerPierre Wargnye
PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Drakkar Noir

A classic. Drakkar is the Viking word for dragon boat.

Reviews of Drakkar Noir

Drakkar Noir is a classic woody, aromatic fougère. I like the aromatic opening of this fragrance with citrus, rosemary and lavender notes. The fragrance settles to a woody, slightly leather, warm scent. It has about 5 hours to 6 hours longevity on my skin with moderate sillage. As an early 1980s fragrance it has that masculine, barbershop feel of the late 70s and early 80s. Think open collar shirt, hairy chest, chunky gold chain, handlebar moustache. Thus it may seem a bit dated for some, however men who wore it back in the day will love the nostalgia it evokes. Back in its day it must have been very popular on the illuminated disco dance floors. But younger men may want to keep looking.
I feel that Paco Rabanne pour Homme and Aramis are more refined fougères, and even though they are both older fragrances, they remain more relevant today than Drakkar Noir. Part of the reason why I feel this way about Drakkar Noir is that as it begins to dry down it smells very similar to some mass produced masculine shower gels and deodorants. It's definitely a pleasant scent, however the late 80s and 90s saw many deodorant brands replicating these masculine scents like Drakkar Noir to the extent that it became common and unremarkable.
Overall it is a good masculine fragrance with moderate performance. It is a bit dated but will deliver some nostalgia value to those who rocked it in their younger years. But for what it is, at this price point, I think it is overpriced and there are better value options out there.
26th June, 2021
Review of the late Cosmair version:

Slightly soapy, green-ish, barbershop-ish, wonderful fragrance.

However, weak sauce. No staying power. I can barely detect it after 30 minutes.

Maybe I'll try a deep vintage?
25th April, 2021
I wore Drakkar Noir in High School around 1996-1988 and switched to Cool Water around 1990. I hadn't smelled this fragrance since, and had no idea what it smelled like. 30 years later here I am getting a chance to smell this once again. I do find that it is likeable, not loveable. It also seems weaker in reformulation which is to be expected. I don't catch the citrus in the top, mostly lavender and herbals than the middle/bottom notes are all a blendy scent that is Drakkar Noir to me. As I am currently in reminisce mode, I am enjoying the reaquaintance with this fragrance. I don't think I will need to wear it often, but it doesn't smell dated to me and since the memory of this once ubiquitous scent has faded for many I can enjoy an occasional wear as long as I don't dress like a time traveler from the late 80s and use terms like 'rad', 'bitchin', and 'righteous'. Thumbs up. Word.
02nd February, 2021
Very nice! Of course it doesn't have the longevity of the 1980's bottles, but you still get a good 8 hours out of it. Still very mossy, except it's "tree moss" now instead of oak moss. Same effect in my opinion. The modern day Drakkar Noir is still a glorious and legendary fragrance and I am grateful it is still around. 4.5 stars!
11th October, 2020
Drakkar Noir (Vintage Cosmair)-

Imagine what the legacy of this fragrance would be if the bottle wasn’t jet matte black and the power broker marketing didn’t club you senseless with the excessively brash “noir-ness.”

What you would have is a completely different perception of this “barbershop” aromatic fougere. That’s right - barbershop - minus the talcum powder.

Constructed around a dizzying number of well blended accords, it’s all in there - the lavender, the bitter herbs, the florals, the oakmoss / leather. Like a fresh shave!

Make no mistake, the vintage is powerful - 2 to 3 sprays and you will be good for 12 hours or more - so with some discretion, you can easily wear this in any setting or season.

4 stars.
23rd September, 2020
Once very popular, venerable, Old-skool 80s powerhouse standard, that doesn't stand the test of time. Pretty much unwearable by today's standards.
03rd May, 2020

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