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Dunhill for Men (1934)
by Dunhill


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Year of Launch1934
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Dunhill for Men

Dunhill for Men is a masculine fragrance by Dunhill. The scent was launched in 1934

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Reviews of Dunhill for Men

Judging this from a vintage sample, it's quite pleasant. A dandyish, dapper Eau Sauvage predecessor with a spicy-sweet element. I wish I had more to say about it, but I think that about sums it up.
12th April, 2020
Dunhill for Men is one of my favourites. It opens big with lemony, flowery and powdery notes, and I can easily understand if someone considers that initial blast a bit old-fashioned and intimidating. I, however, donít mind it at all because thereís something wonderfully invigorating in it.

The top notes settle down quite quickly and make way for a beautiful barbershoppy scent of luxurious shaving soap. The leathery, woody-mossy drydown is also nice. The only drawback is that the fragrance stops projecting well quite soon, although the base notes stay on the skin for a long time. All in all a great classic that can be had for very little!

I also like the package design: The twirled bottle, strangely chunky black cap and brown box make an endearing combination which at the same time tries very hard to be both completely classic and awkwardly modern.
25th February, 2020
Im really glad I blind bought an excellent price , very decent on longitvity, 4-6. Hours on me and spray even on the shirt u will smell it for days on. Lemon scent with a powdery dry down mild leather and sandalwood creamy smells very nice and smoothing summer or winter. Old school Barbar shop scent
19th August, 2019
Smells better than Patou Pour Homme (original) and its 'way cheaper.
07th May, 2019
Ifti Show all reviews
United Kingdom
So I've had this for a while now and its high time I added some more reviews.

What can I say - OK on initial wearings you might write it off as boring, uninventive, dated and so forth, for it is a real classic selection of notes.

Citrus lavender start, ushering in some classic masculine floral over a base of woody leather.

I agree with reviews- seems to be a little 'unpredictable' - today I can't stop sniffing at myself hence the review.

It's one of those ones you can't put your finger on, yet I guess that is the alchemy of perfumery, that no single facet is the one that I 'like' - yet it all seems to work in harmony and a good harmony at that!

Must say the citric tang seems to last right through.

I guess its beguiling nature is that it was from a different era, so when I am expecting lots of fleeting peaks of enjoyment - this is a long and consistent - its not shouting here I am, look at my bells and whistles - it kinda just is. And its darn good.

Getting better and better a longevity from it - lesson to self - never write reviews earlier than a month of having a fragrance! Sticks around subtly.

As below - some classic elements you'll recognize in various gentleman's masculines - citrus, lavender and florals, slight dash of a powder (ever so slight), soap, dusty woods, sweetish suede leather. Sounds like the whole kit and kaboodle - but boy does it work and work well.

Recommended sniffing at least for those with leanings toward classic perfumes.
05th February, 2019
A very interesting by Dunhill...reformulated or not...still wonderfully dated yet sophisticated smelling.This is a very good alternative for those who miss the old yellow fluid/original Monsieur Rochas that was more recognized because of it's wider distribution to store chains in the USA.But clearly Monsieur Rochas was very influenced by this stuff.

Very rich base of lemon teased with a touch of spice.Carnation,musk,soft leather,and a little sandalwood.All of those 4 notes given a lightly dusty finish with some Pinaud/old school style barbershop talc powder...not a baby powder note.Despite the hint of barbershop I would say this is a little warm and more of a fall,winter,and night fragrance where a little breeze.It's the somewhat dry and spiced lemon that cranks out some heat in this.
23rd June, 2018

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